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Time Zone Used Throughout This Order Is: Eastern Daylight Saving Time


Refs:     A.  email Webb to Watt, 04/07/2003 : 2004 Special Event at Fort George

            B.  email Lawrence to Watt, 17 Nov 03: (same subj)

            C.  email McRae to MAMH, 11 Dec 03: 2004 Event Schedule

            D.  email Sullivan to MAMH, 13 Apr 04: Ft George Display Jul 17-18

            E.  email Lawrence to Sullivan, 13 Apr 04: (same subj)

            F.  email Sullivan to Lawrence , 19 Apr 04: (same subj)

            G.  email Sullivan to MAMH, 18 Jun 04: One Month Warning

            H.  email Lawrence to Wilson, Cronin, Bisaillion, Cooke, 24 Jun 04:

                         Outline Plan (enclosed)

            I.   email Sullivan to Lawrence , 25 Jun 04; Support Requirements

            J.  email Sullivan to Lawrence , 30 Jun 04: Support Requirements



1.         SITUATION.  Parks Canada has requested the assistance of re-enactors to support their program at Fort George (Niagara-on-the-Lake) over the period 17-18 July 2004.  All historical eras are to be represented and several 2nd World War groups are planning to attend.  As the Signals/Telecom Section has not previously mounted displays at this location, this event provides an excellent opportunity to present signalling history to the general public.


2.         MISSION .  Signals/Telecom Section will provide static and active displays of 2nd World War signalling equipment at Fort George during the period 17-18 July 2004.


3.         EXECUTION

A.        General Outline. 

(1)        The static display will represent a Battalion Headquarters signalling section consisting of Wireless Sets (No. 19 and No. 48), Line Equipment (UC-6 switchboard and D Mk V field telephones) and Visual Signalling equipment (Flags, 2 Foot and Signalling Lamp).  The display will be centred on a 2nd WW bell tent with appropriate antenna masts.  All equipment will be operational.  The display will be manned by a uniformed re-enactor who will describe the technology of the period and outline the capabilities of the equipment.


(2)        The active display is primarily for the benefit of 19 Set Group members and other amateur radio operators.  This will consist of an evening Morse code sked on 80 and 40 meters (Friday and Saturday).  In addition, a carefully controlled experiment will be conducted to determine the ground-wave range of the Wireless Set No. 48.  This experiment will be conducted exclusively between VA3ORP and VE3BBN.


B.         Grouping and Tasks

(1)        On-Site Group.  D. Lawrence (VA3ORP) will install and man the display at Fort George .  He will also act as Net Control Station for the on-air activity.  D. Wilson (VE3BBN) may assist (if available) with the display and will act as mobile out-station for the W.S. No. 48 tests.


(2)        Out-Stations.  All members of the Wireless Set No. 19 Group are invited to participate as out-stations during the evening skeds.  Use of both modern and vintage equipment is acceptable.  QSOs will be kept short to permit the maximum number of out-stations to participate and qualify for a Special Event QSL card.  Exchange to include: name, location, equipment and signal report.  As this is a weekend event, high levels of QRM can be anticipated.  Out-stations should search aggressively to find the NCS within +/- 10 KHz of the advertised frequencies.


C.        Co-ordinating Instructions

(1)  ETA for D. Lawrence at Fort George is 16:00 hrs, Friday 16 Jul


(2)   Evening (DX) Skeds:

            (a)  Friday, 16 Jul         - 20:00 to 20:30 hrs on 3.705 MHz

                                                - 20:30 to 21:00 hrs on 7.020 MHz


            (b)  Saturday, 17 Jul     - 20:00 to 20:30 hrs on 3.705 MHz

                                                - 20:30 to 21:00 hrs on 7.020 MHz


(3)  48 Set Ground-Wave Test:

            (a)  Saturday, 17 Jul     - 22:00 to 22:30 hrs on 7.020 MHz


            (b)  Sunday, 18 Jul       - 10:00 to 10:30 hrs on 7.020 MHz


(4)  Departure from Fort George is TBD (est. 18:00 hrs Sun. 18 Jul)


4.         SERVICE SUPPORT.  MAMH coordinator for 2nd WW displays is Mr. Tim Sullivan ([email protected] , 905-385-2701 – home).  He will act as Point-of-Contact between Sigs/Telecom Section and Mr. Dave Webb, Parks Canada, Fort George ([email protected] , 905-468-6612).  Support items to be provided are as follows:

A.        display space for bell tent (20 foot dia.)

B.         tables, six-foot, folding, quantity two (2)

C.        chairs, stacking or folding, quantity three (3)

D.        space for antenna mast (20 ft dia.), approx 150 ft from tent

E.         110 volt AC power within 100 feet of tent

F.         rations for one person for 17 & 18 July

G.        entry passes for three persons

                                    (David Lawrence, Theresa Lawrence and David Wilson)

            H.        storage area for utility trailer

            I.           provision for indoor display area in event of rain

(one table, six foot, folding plus three chairs)


5.         COMMAND AND SIGNAL.  David Lawrence is in command of the Signals/Telecom Section’s part in this operation.  He may be reached by email at [email protected] (note: no final “e” in “dlawrenc”, only eight characters) or by telephone at 613-387-2094.  He will be departing Kingston area at 09:00 hrs on Friday 16 July with an ETA at Fort George of 16:00 hrs.



   (original signed by)


D.G. Lawrence, VA3ORP

O/C Sigs/Telecom Sect



Enclosures: (2)

            - Op “NIAGARA 2004”:  Outline Plan:

            - Op “NIAGARA 2004”:  Radio Skeds



Distribution List

Action              Info

D. Wilson          D. Webb, Parks Canada

T. Sullivan        J. McRae, MAMH

                        Mbrs, 19 Set Gp


Operation “NIAGARA 2004”


Outline Plan



            To conduct ground-wave, range tests with the Wireless Set No. 48



            The Wireless Set No. 48 (and its British counterpart, the Wireless Set No. 18) was the main wireless set for battalion to company communications during the 2nd WW.  There are many cases where this link was reported to have been unreliable at distances that would seem to be within its capability.  Whether this loss of communications was the fault of the set, atmospheric conditions, operator inexperience or simply using the set beyond its capabilities is unclear.  Operation NIAGARA 2004 provides an opportunity to add to the pool of knowledge concerning 2nd WW wireless communications.  Specifically, this is an excellent opportunity to identify the actual ground-wave range of the 48 Set under known conditions.



            A 48 Set ground station will be established at Fort George while a second station (using modern equipment) will be installed in a vehicle.  Voice communications will be established at close range and then the mobile station will gradually increase its distance until communications is lost.  At this point, transmission will change to CW and the experiment will continue until communications is again lost.  Signals reports will be logged throughout the experiment and distances will be measured by use of a GPS receiver.  The experiment will be conducted once near midday ( 10:00 hrs) and once near midnight ( 20:00 hrs).


            For the mobile station, modern equipment will be used but with the power output set to a low level (equal to a 2nd WW set).  The antenna on the vehicle will be a centrally mounted, base loaded whip.  This configuration is a close equivalent to that used during the 2nd WW.


            The Niagara area is an excellent location for this experiment.  The land is flat and the soil is “good” for ground wave propagation.  This will allow the results to easily be compared with prediction programs in order to verify their accuracy.  With this empirical data as a benchmark, predictions for other situations can be made with some confidence.


            Using “Signal Training Pamphlet 2, Part VIII – Ground-Wave Ranges of Wireless Sets, 1944”, the performance of the 48 Set in the Niagara area has been estimated.  For voice transmission this is 2.5 miles (midnight) to 4.5 miles (midday) and 6.5 miles (midnight) to 11 miles (midday) for CW transmission.  Open spaces with consistent soil conditions of these dimensions are available in the Niagara area from Fort George extending in a south-west direction.


Operation “NIAGARA 2004”


Radio Skeds

(all times are EDST)



1.         Evening (DX) Skeds.


            Purpose is to give Group members and the general amateur radio population an opportunity to work a Special Event station that is using vintage Canadian equipment (Northern Electric 19 Set) from an historic Canadian site (Fort George, Niagara-on-the-Lake).  Three-quarter wavelength horizontal antenna to be used.


            a.         Friday (16 July)

                        (1)        2000-2030 hrs             3.705 MHz                  CW

                        (2)        2030-2100 hrs             7.020 MHz                  CW


            b.         Saturday (17 July)

                        (1)        2000-2030 hrs             3.705 MHz                  CW

                        (2)        2030-2100 hrs             7.020 MHz                  CW




2.         Ground-Wave Skeds.


            Purpose is to determine the actual range of the W.S. No. 48 under known conditions.  Ten foot whip antenna to be used.  Coordination between ground station and mobile station to be arranged using modern 2 M equipment.


            a.         Saturday (17 July)

                        (1)        2200-2230 hrs             7.020 MHz                  AM & CW


            b.         Sunday (18 July)

                        (1)        1000-1030 hrs             7.020 MHz                  AM & CW







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