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Monthly 19 Set Voice Net

The Monthly 19 Set Voice Net has been discontinued.  If and when it is reinstated, notification will be provided on the home page.

Join us using modern equipment on lower sideband at 1800Z on primary frequency 7270 KHz (+/- 10KHz for QRM), the second Sunday of each month, to chat about 19s and other vintage military radio gear as well as about Group operations and exercises.  

Alternate frequency is 3860 KHz (+/- 10KHz) at 1810Z if propagation on 40M is poor. 

Ownership of vintage military equipment is not required and everyone with an interest in such equipment is welcome!

Net Control Station: Dave, VA3ORP, Kingston, Ontario
            Alternates: Chris, VE3CBK, Ottawa, Ontario

                                  Bob, VE3BDB, Orillia, Ontario


Be aware that the NCS may decide to use the Group's call sign of VA3WSN.


Weekly Old Sweat's Voice Net

Old Sweat's Net, using modern equipment on LSB every Tuesday at 1000 Eastern Time on 3765 KHz.  Alternate is 7065 KHz (+/- 10KHz for QRM) depending upon propagation, to chat about collecting, military matters and any other topic of mutual interest.

 Everyone is welcome to join in.  Modern or vintage gear is welcome.  We mainly operate in LSB but will happily switch to AM or CW to allow an outstation to test the latest 'boat anchor'.

Control Station: Dave, VA3ORP, Kingston, Ontario.

The Wireless Set No. 19
Monthly Voice Net Report

Net Reports are no longer available.

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