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Other WebSites Using the Name "Wireless Set No. 19 Group" 

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so it has been said.  While we encourage and are pleased to see displayed on the world wide web a renewed interest in vintage military communications equipment, unless otherwise indicated by us The Original Wireless Set No. 19 Group is not associated with, nor does it sanction or support, any website, group or other organization which, without sanction, mandate or permission,  misleadingly uses a wording identical to that of this Group and/or website as a name for that group or site.  Such unauthorized action might be viewed as a deliberate attempt to gain questionable  recognition and/or to create confusion. 

Any group, person, website, email reflector or other organization using a name which obviously attempts to take advantage of the good reputation, hard work, dedication, resources and time-honoured progress of The Original Wireless Set No. 19 Group, its founders and members, does so without authorization.  In fact, such action constitutes theft of identity.

It also causes questions to be raised regarding the character and motives of any such organization and its members/supporters, as well as the intentions, ethics and imagination of that organization and its members/supporters.  Surely such action is to be condemned by any reasonable person.

Nonetheless, without prejudice to our legal rights and in the spirit of harmony and good will, The Original Wireless Set No. 19 Group would welcome affiliation, based upon mutual written agreement, with other groups of common interest that may wish to use a name closely similar to ours. Any group so wishing to affiliate is invited to contact The Original Wireless Set No. 19 Group founders to rationally discuss the possibility.