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Crystal Calibrator
Wireless Set No. 19

Working Instructions

Issued by Director of Electrical and Communications Design, M.G.O. Branch,
Department of National Defence, Ottawa, Canada.
Approved by The Chief of the General Staff, Department of National Defence, Ottawa, Canada.
2nd August, 1943

The information given in this document is not to be communicated either directly, or indirectly, to the Press or to any person not holding an official position in His Majesty's Service. (Warning notice on cover of this wartime document.)

The pages of these instructions have been scanned directly from the actual document. The numbers shown for each 'part' do NOT correspond to the page numbers, as some pages are blank. However, the complete document is faithfully reproduced here.

Document Cover

Part 1 -- Fig 1., front and side view

Part 2 -- Chapter I, General Description (begins)

Part 3 -- Table I, List of Equipment

Part 4 -- Chap. I continues

Part 5 -- Table II, Weight and Dimensions

Part 6 -- Chapter II, Installation Instructions (begins)

Part 7 -- Chap. II continues

Part 8 -- Chap. II continues

Part 9 -- Chap. II continues

Part 10 -- Chap. II continues

Part 11 -- Chap. II continues

Part 12 -- Chapter III, Operating Instuctions (begins)

Part 13 -- Chap. III continues

Part 14 -- Chap. III continues

Part 15 -- Chap. III continues

Part 16 -- Chap. III continues

Part 17 -- Chap. III continues

Part 18 -- Fig. 3, Chassis, side view

Part 19 -- Chapter IV, Replacement of Valves and Calibrator Adjustments

Part 20 -- Chap. IV continues

Part 21 -- Chap. IV continues

Part 22 -- Fig. 4, Chassis, rear

Part 23 -- Chap. IV continues

Part 24 -- Chapter V, Technical Description (begins)

Part 25 -- Chap. V continues

Part 26 -- Chap. V continues

Part 27 -- Table III, List of Components

Part 28 -- Table III continues

Part 29 -- Table III continues

Part 30 -- Fig. 5, Diagram of Installation

Part 31 -- Fig. 6, Schematic

Installation -- Fig. 2, Installation on WS#19 MK III

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