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Here's your chance to be a published writer!!

(Or to at least tell your story to those who share your interest in vintage military communications!)


YOUR contributions are important to this site.

I'm not referring to money, but rather to photos, stories, anecdotes, news or any other item which might be interesting or useful to others who, like yourself, enjoy vintage military wireless or other related communications equipment.

Items pertaining (but NOT limited) to the Wireless Set No. 19 are wanted. In order to keep this site fresh, new and interesting, it needs a regular influx of previously un-posted material.

The source of that material is YOU.

Each and every one of us has a story, or stories, to tell about the 19 or other such equipment. How about the first time you ever saw or used one? What about those first (or most memorable) contacts you made with one?

Something that may not seem noteworthy or important to you might be extremely interesting to the rest of us.

This site owes its success to its uniqueness. There are other vintage military radio sites, especially since this one came online.

But what makes this one so different and of such interest is YOU, the user. We are a species unto ourselves, it seems, and it is that which sustains us.

Human interest stories, technical items, ideas, suggestions, photos of equipment AND its operator, accounts of contacts, information about restoring, using or acquiring the 19 or other such equipment...these are ALL wanted for this site.  "Formal" submissions will be looked at as being possible front-page features, while "informal" submissions will be posted as received. In all cases, photos are welcome.

This is a 'group', the ORIGINAL 19 Set Group. Obviously, you enjoy it and/or get something out of being here.  Might we please prevail upon you to give something back in return?

CLICK on one or the other of these two email links to SEND YOUR SUBMISSION:  

Here's my Formal Submission for Posting!

Here's my INFORMAL Submission for Posting!

Give your email system time to "kick in".  If, after a reasonable length of time (15-20 seconds tops in most cases) your email doesn't open, address your submission to [email protected], indicating the subject as being either "Formal Submission" (long, detailed stories) or "Informal Submission" (shorter anecdotes).  If unsure, please indicate that in the body of your message and we'll figure out which category best suits your submission.  Feel free to attach related photos if you have them but, PLEASE, try to stay UNDER 75 KB in size.  If in doubt email and ASK, using the WS19G address above.

Thank you. We look forward to seeing your submission!

73/Best regards,


Bob Cooke


NOTE: Please look under the Table of Contents on the home page (see link below) to see examples of existing Informal Submissions.

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