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12 Cadets Take Tests

SARNIA (1961) - The Sarnia Collegiate Institute 12-member cadet team underwent wireless tests here Tuesday as the last Western Ontario entrant for the Moyer Cup competition.

Central’s No. 256 corps was the only Sarnia cadet corps to compete with four area high school cadet corps for the annual event. They have won the cup three years out of the last five years of competition.

On hand for the Morse code, wireless and telephony test conducted by the Signals Branch of the Army, were: Lieutenant A. J. Akkerman, area signal officer, Sergeant Major A. R. Woodruff, Western Ontario signal troop,
and Sergeant E. J. Youngblutt, Western Ontario signal troop, all from London.

“All have completed their tests and the results will be known in two weeks with the cup presentation in the fall.”

Cadets taking part at Central in the tests for proficiency in Morse code, wireless operation and written examinations were:

Cadet Lieutenants Richard Smith (in charge), Rick Loth,Bill Yates and
David Smart and Cadets Bob Pusey, Richard Bandla, Don Smith, Bob Dyer,
Doug Dyer, Glen Storey,
Doug Keenan and Peter Dennis.
The team was coached by Captain A. J. Chitovas, chief instructor of Central Cadet Corps.

CADETS COMPETE - Twelve Sarnia Central Collegiate Institute
cadets took part in wireless competition here Tuesday
for the annual Moyer Cup. The competition was
entered this year by five schools in Western Ontario
Area of Central Command.
Only Central entered a team for Sarnia.
From left, Cadet Lieutenant Dave Smart
(who submitted this 1961 newspaper clipping and photo),
Lieutenant A. J. Akkerman, area signal officer, London,
and Cadet Lieutenant Bill Yates, working the wireless set.

(Note by VE3BDB: I was in Army Cadets at the same time and in the summer of 1961
was at Camp Borden on the Signals Course (19 sets)! Like every other Army Cadet unit, we also used 19 sets, as well as 26 sets. My home corps, of which I became C.O., was #2405 Parry Sound High School and there is an excellent possibility that members from this Sarnia corps were at Borden that same summer. Small world.
I went on to join the RCAF.)