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Chris Bisaillion,VE3CBK

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Chris Bisaillion, VE3CBK, is an avid collector, restorer and researcher of Second World War radio sets with special emphasis on the Wireless Set  No. 19. 

Chris was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1961 but has now spent most of his life in the Ottawa, Ontario area.  

He started his military experience by joining Army Cadets when he was 14.  The unit was known as 2870 Ottawa Service Battalion Cadet Corps perpetuating the tradition of the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps (R.C.O.C.).  He held various positions through the five year experience culminating in being the Cadet Commanding Officer with the rank of Cadet Major in the final year.  He then attended Carleton University in Ottawa earning a degree in Electrical Engineering and graduating in 1983. 

 In 1980 he joined the local signals reserve unit known as 763 Ottawa Communication Regiment where he obtained the rank of Corporal and enjoyed being a Radio Teletype Operator in the role of detachment commander.  This mobile detachment had both VHF and HF capabilities. 

 In 1983 Chris joined Canadian Marconi Company as an RF Engineer and worked initially in the Defence Communication Division on advanced UHF Electronic Counter Counter Measures (E.C.C.M) radios and then the Avionics Division on commercial airborne satellite communication antennas for commercial aircraft.  

In 1994 Chris joined Lockheed Canada to work on naval Electronic Support Measures (E.S.M) equipment.  In 1996 Chris joined SRTelecom Inc. to work on Wireless Local Loop equipment providing wireless telephone service for underdeveloped countries and countries with rugged terrain. 

In late 1999 Chris joined Instantel Inc. to work on RF Identification tags that are used to provide Alzheimer patients with wander protection and to protect newborn babies from possible abduction. 

Chrisí interest in the Wireless Set No. 19 started in 1976 when he obtained his Amateur Radio Certificate and was licenced as VE3CBK.  Chrisí father Wayne had trained on the No. 19 in Army Cadets and had recommended that it would be a suitable radio for the Amateur Radio bands and was available on the surplus market.  A No. 19 was obtained and used extensively on the 40 metre band for a few years until a more modern radio was obtained for the shack.  Many enjoyable CW contacts were made across North America and the first DX station worked was in the Dominican Republic.   

The interest continued to grow in the search for all of the accessories for the No. 19 and the search continues today.  A large amount of documentation has been found over the years and Chris is always researching some aspect of the No. 19 use and design. 

In 1990 Chris met Dave Lawrence, VA3ORP.  Dave encouraged Chris to become involved in re-enactment activities including wearing Second World War vintage battledress to complete the presentation of communication equipment at various events.  

Chris proudly participates in the monthly nets and the presentation of information on the No. 19 web site.  


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