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Based upon research by David Lawrence, VA3ORP

          In response to many requests for guidance on the value of 19 Sets and their accessories, the following list has been prepared. It has been vetted by a number of collectors and represents a "fair price" for the various items. Further, these are the prices paid by knowledgeable sellers and buyers in southern Ontario within the last year. 

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

          Note that there is a difference between what something is “worth” and how much someone will pay for it.  Prices on eBay should not be taken as indicative of true value.  Remember, on eBay, you are selling to the one guy in the world that wants the item so badly he can taste it!  (The expression “more money than brains” is also applicable.)  Someone who has experience with and knows this equipment is less likely to meet inflated asking prices.

If you are selling equipment which is designed to transmit radio frequency (RF) signals, be certain the buyer is authorized to possess it; e.g. that he has the proper federal qualifications/licence, such as that required by Amateur Radio operators.  Mere possession of radio equipment capable of transmitting requires such appropriate licencing in most jurisdictions.

Note that condition is EVERYTHING when purchasing vintage equipment and the following prices are for items that are guaranteed to be serviceable, unmodified and undamaged (other than minor wear and tear).

- For items which are in "new-in-the-box" condition, add 25%.
- For items which are stained, scratched or dented, subtract 25%.
- For items that have MINOR rust, water damage or modifications, subtract 50%.
- For items which have undergone major modification (especially wiring modification for which complete documentation is not provided), subtract 75%. (It is better to just pass on these items as they are more trouble than they are worth unless you want them for parts, in which case they should be priced by the pound.)

          Do not buy a set unless you can remove it from the case, remove the bottom plate and have a good look inside.  Without having done this examination, only a fool would buy a 19 Set!  Once the bottom plate is off, it is easy to assess the condition of the set.  Pay particular attention to the coating on the coils.  If the set has been badly stored, this coating will be cracked and pieces may be missing.  This is a good clue as to how the set has been treated over the last 60 years.  If the base plate screws, washers and lock washers are missing, this is another clue that someone has been “tinkering”.  

Buyer beware

          Mk IIs seem to be more readily available than Mk IIIs, therefore a Mk III might sell for slightly more.  For anyone who actually wants to put the set on-air, a Mk III is much easier to use and therefore more desirable.  A premium price might be appropriate for a set that could be proven to be used in a particular military action; however, this would require convincing documentation.

Fair Prices for items that are serviceable, undamaged and unmodified:

1. Transmitter/Receiver c/w case - $125 (Mk II), $150 (Mk III)

2. Power Supply Unit c/w case - $35 (P.S.U #1), $50 (P.S.U. #2)

3. Variometer c/w adapter #2 & saddle mount - $35

4. Carrier #23 c/w clamping straps - $40

5. Control Unit (#3, Mk II) - $35

6. Power supply cable (dogbone) - $10

7. 12pt/12pt control cable - $10

8. RF cable c/w two Pye connectors - $15

9. Power cable c/w one 6pt connector - $10

10. Antenna mount (plate #4) - $25

11. Set ant. "F" sections (C1,C2,C3) - $20

12. Mic & Rec Headgear Ass'y (check continuity, esp the mic) - $20

Complete Set (as above) - $375 (Mk II), $425 (Mk III)

(Note: CW output should be at least 10 watts, confirm audio sidetone on R/T, drive indication should be at least 3˝ volts, confirm that flick mechanism works for both RED and BLUE positions, check that cables do not crack when flexed)


Additional Items

13. Case Spare Valves (c/w all good tubes) - $50

14. Case Spare Valves (empty) - $5

15. Case Spare Parts (c/w all parts, see packing list) - $60

16. Case Spare Parts (key missing) - $30

17. Case Spare Parts (empty) - $5

18. Remote Control, #1 Cdn (c/w good headset & mic) - $60

19. Brush guards (pair) - $35

20. Crystal Calibrator (c/w manual & special dog bone) - $40

21. "A" Set antenna mount - $15

22. "B" Set antenna mount - $15

23. Watch (C-Broad Arrow marked) - $150

24. P.S.U. Rectifier No. 1 Cdn (tested under load) - $75

25.  Canvas cover (c/w all snaps & good zippers) - $50

26.  Volt Meter - $15

27.  Satchel Signals - $25

(Note: there are several versions, with some being less common than others, thus affecting the price.  See .)


See QM Stores for lists of items for sale, wanted, etc.

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