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Since early 2000, WS#19 owners and spotters have logged equipment on this unique site, making it the only such extensive inventory exclusively for the WS#19 to our knowledge.  Everyone is welcome to add to this database.  However, please do NOT use it to advertise wants, trades or items for sale. Such postings will be removed without warning

Thank you for your cooperation.

Items which may be entered are:  the WS#19 transceiver itself, the PSU (Power Supply Unit), the VAR (Variometer) and the HP AMP (Power Amplifier Unit).  Unfortunately, you will no longer have the ability to edit your own postings but you will be able to view postings by all, without the need for an assigned ID number.

You may list your own equipment or information on 19 Set equipment you have seen ("spotted") in museums or other public displays including on the internet (e-Bay, etc), indicating the name of that museum, display or internet site.

Please use the comments area for brief explanatory notes only.  Post only ACTUAL existing equipment and pertinent information.  Keep your inventory listing up to date.  If you no longer have  part or any of the equipment, please advise so it may be removed from your listing.  Similarly, if you acquire more, add it to your listing.  

Please ensure the information you are entering is ACCURATE.  If you enter incorrect information or make a mistake, it will be necessary for you to complete a new form all over again, in which case you must indicate in "Brief Comments" that your original submission is to be deleted.  Same goes for additions or any other changes to the original or subsequent postings. 

Any posting that appears to be "bogus" or that lacks required information will be deleted and NOT posted.

NOTE: Postings (including in the comments area) of any other nature, such as advertisements, wants, for sales, etc. will not be posted and will be removed if they happen to slip past the first time.  Please use the QM Stores area for such legitimate postings.  


I have been advised that the website on which this inventory formerly resided has been "temporarily suspended".  Attempts were made to contact Vera Cranor, the owner of that site and manager of the inventory listings, to determine what the problem is and how it might be resolved, but to no avail.  

Subsequent information that has come to me recently indicates Vera has passed away.  Sincere condolences are extended to her family and friends.  She was a talented and generous lady who will be missed.

I have created this new form for posting of a 19 Set inventory.  It is not as streamlined as the original and means that if anything was posted on the original, it must be posted again here.

The display format on the Wireless Set No. 19 Website will also be different, in that a copy and paste of the submitted form will be displayed.  

Unfortunately, there will NOT be any means of going into your data and making changes.  That must be done using the new form below, the same as for new listings.  

This isn't perfect, but it's better than nothing and is intended as a stop-gap until a new, automated form, like the original one, can be put into place.  

I regret any inconvenience this may cause (as well as the extra work it is most certainly going to mean for me).

Bob Cooke VE3BDB


The Wireless Set No. 19 Website

The (Original) Wireless Set No. 19 Group Website




Wireless Set No. 19 Equipment Inventory Form



Name (first and last): *
E-mail Address: *
Amateur Radio Call Sign (if applicable):   If none, enter the word *none*.
Country of residence: *  If you reside in Canada or the United States of America and are NOT a licensed Radio Amateur, please provide your town/city and province/state, as applicable, in the 'Brief Comments' box.
Are you a registered member of The (Original) Wireless Set No. 19 Group? *
Equipment Being Inventoried (click all that are applicable): * Click ONLY on equipment that you actually own and are listing.  When completing the information below, please provide condition information ONLY for equipment being indicated at right.  If there is equipment in the list below that you do not own and are NOT listing, choose the "Not Applicable to this listing" option from the drop-down menu. WS#19 Mk I
WS#19 Mk II
WS#19 Mk III
Power Supply Unit (PSU)
High Power Amplifier (HP AMP)
WS#19 Mk I Serial Number (or enter U/K)
WS#19 Mk II Serial Number (or enter U/K)
WS#19 Mk III Serial Number (or enter U/K)
WS#19 Mk I Manufacturer *
WS#19 Mk II Manufacturer *
WS#19 Mk II Manufacturer *
WS#19 Mk I Condition *
WS#19 Mk II Condition *
WS#19 Mk III Condition *
PSU Condition *
HP AMP Condition *
Variometer Condition *
If desired, attach ONE photo of your equipment here, NO larger than 2500 KB in size. It will be included with your inventory listing on the WS#19 website. THIS AREA IS NOT FOR LISTING OF ITEMS FOR SALE, TRADE OR WANTED.
IMPORTANT NOTE - Is this posting a deletion, is an addition to or is a correction to an existing previous posting? If so, please give details of item to be deleted or corrected in the comments box below. *
BRIEF comments or other pertinent info: If you reside in Canada or the United States of America and are NOT a licensed Radio Amateur, please provide your town/city and province/state, as applicable.  
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WARNING:  IP addresses are automatically logged by this system and will be reported to the internet service provider of any individual attempting to post fraudulent information, presenting himself as someone he is not, or in any other way deliberately or illegally interfering with this inventory listing.  Such actions WILL be followed up as appropriate, including reporting the matter to law enforcement agencies.

L'AVERTISSEMENT: Les adresses IP sont automatiquement notés par ce système.

Thank you for your submission.  Merci pour votre soumission.

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