Interfacing Kenwood TS-450S to your soundcard


I've build this webpage to help anyone who would like to build and interface to their rig to be able to do CW, FSK and PTT keying using different programs.

Many programs like Writelog, MMTTY and MMSSTV use the capabilities of the soundcard and their serial port to key the radio and send data.

I've learn the hard way about keying the FSK port on MMTTY.  With the help of some comments read from different newsgroup, I figured that MMRTTY need the EXTFSK
to be able to work with my TS-450S.  You ABSOLUTLY need to install EXTFSK and set it up to be able to key the FSK line.

Here is my completed schematic.

This circuit completely isolate your computer and your rig but you must absolutly make shure that your rig is well grounded because you might pickup interference.

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