Subject: New 2m Contest, Revisited
Date: Sat, 08 May 1999 21:27:58 +0900
From: Ross Donald Civ BCD    Donald.Ross at

All told, 27 comments / suggestions were received

66% of the respondents were in favor of holding a contest then
22% just wanted another contest
7% wanted it moved to another weekend due to ARRL QSO parties
4% made unmentionable snide comments regarding physically impossible
activities (but it was imaginative)

And he wanted it to be easy to score with existing logging programs.

Some of the comments made me go back and look at my mission statement: 
 Conduct a 2m-only contest.

I can read the tea leaves and see that they are murky, so let's try this one

2m Contest, 1800z 9 Oct 99 - 0300z 11 Oct 99, still called THE SIDEWINDER
SHOOTOUT, using June ARRL VHF Contest rules with modifications limiting the
contest to 2m only.  Contest logs due to NL7CO either electronically
([email protected]) or by snail mail (PO Box 403, Lawton, OK 73502-0403) to
arrive NLT 0001z 1 Nov 99.

Two plaques to be purchased by NL7CO, one for High Rover, one for High
Overall.  In the event that a rover is high overall, only one plaque will be

BTW - SWOT is like SMIRK, the number is lifetime, but if you pay your dues
you get a nice chatty little newsletter.  For more information, contact
Howard Hallman, WD5DJT (wd5djt[at]


73 Don, NL7CO / HL9DR

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