1997-1998 50 MHz DX Marathon

   The 50MHz DX Bulletin is sponsoring a DX Marathon, in which the object is
to work 6m stations in as many grid fields (10 deg X 20 deg areas) as possible. 
(The grid field is the first two letters of a grid square.) The contest period
will run from 00:00Z December 20, 1997 to 00:00Z January 19, 1998. Only one QSO
per station worked should be reported unless either station has changed grid fields,
(or countries) and only one QSO of distance shorter than 2200 km should be reported
per grid field. Contacts made through repeaters do not qualify. 
   It is thus expected that participants will abstract those QSO's qualifying from 
their regular logs. The only over-the-air exchange required is call signs, but you 
are expected to log date & time UTC and to report the location or grid square with 
sufficient accuracy to verify the distance. 
   Scoring, shorter than 2200 km, 0 points (but multiplier for new grid fields); 
2200-3300 km, 1 point; 3300-4400km, 2 points; 4400-5500 km, 3 points; 
5500-6600 km, 4 points; 6600-7700 km, 5 points; 7700-8800 km, 6 points; etc. 
(one more point for each 1100 km). Final score = (Contact points + 1) x grid fields. 
Logs should be posted by February 14,1998 to:

The 50 MHz DX Bullitin,
PO Box 762,
Menlo Park, CA 94026 USA.

Victor R. Frank, K6FV
E-mail report to