Subject: 1998 Internet 6m International DX Contest Results.
Date:    Thu, 26 Nov 1998 14:12:48 +0000
From:    Ken Ramirez n4uk[at]mindspring. com

     Here are the Plaque winners for the 1998 6m
International DX Contest held last July.

Single Operator USA/VE-   VE7SKA  Score-6,710

Single Operator QRP DX-   CO2OJ Score-43,120

Multioperator USA/VE-      W2DRZ (ops-W2DRZ,N2XTX,N2ODU) Score-32,215

   Thanks to all who submitted logs and congratulations to the winners!

73 Ken N4UK EM84xp

1997 6 Meter Internet DX Contest Results

Following are the top scorers in the first Internet 6-Meter DX Contest, 
as reported by contest originator Ken Ramirez, N4UK. The contest coincided with the
CQ WW VHF Contest. Note that the overall high score is from GAEV.

Single Operator/High Power
1st  K5AM          13,575      Plaque winner (sponsor N0JK)
2nd  VE1ASJ         9,639      Certificate winner
3rd  WZ8D           5,625      Certificate winner
4th  KB5IUA         5,508      Certificate winner
5th  K0FF           3,267      Certificate winner

1st  CG2PIJ         5,289      Plaque winner (sponsor WA8WZG)
2nd  AA4S             884      Certificate winner

1st  W2DRZ         31,195      Plaque winner (sponsor W7EW/W7AT)
2nd  WS4F          20,732      Certificate winner
3rd  K0YO           4,050      Certificate winner

1st  K8WW           9,360      Plaque (sponsor W4VHF) and KB6KQ miniloop winner 
2nd  AA4R/8         1,896      Certificate winner

Single operator
1st  G0AEV         28,130      Plaque winner (sponsor KB5IUA)
2nd  G1IOV          8,845      Certificate winner
3rd  CO2OJ            120      Certificate winner

Highest Multiplier Total         G0AEV    24 DXCC countries + 73 Grids = 97 mults.
     Most Total Multipliers Certificate sponsor- C3I Antennas
Most Grids worked                W2DRZ    83 Grids
Most Grids worked by single op.  K5AM     73 grids
Most Grid fields worked          G0AEV and K5AM  8 Grid Fields
Congratulations to all and thanks to all of you who submitted logs. We
hope this contest will get more popular every year and look forward to
receiving your logs next year.
NC7K will be keeping the 6M Internet DX Contest records. There were plenty
of certificates and plaques that went unclaimed this year. Keep the
contest in mind next year!