A=50MHz, 7=70MHz Rcv, B=144MHz, C=222MHz, D=432MHz, 9=902MHz, E=1296MHz, F=2304MHz, G=3456MHz, H=5760MHz,
I=10GHz, J=24GHz, K=47GHz, L=75GHz, M=119GHz, N=142GHz, O=241GHz, S=300GHz, P=Light, SAT=Satellite

DATE  GRID   CALL      NAME      BANDS        ST,ex-call+Email+Tel+EME+MS+VUCC# 16-jul-01

07/01 GP44de OX3NUK    ARC       A            ox3nuk[a_t]ox3nuk.vind.gl, QSL TO OZ BUREAU (DANISH BUREAU), http://www.ox3nuk.vind.gl/

05/00 GP46mx OX2K      Dxpedit.  E            http://www.qsl.net/ox2k/index.htm, EME, QSL Manager: OZ1ACB, may 30-jun 4 2000

05/00 GP47ta OX2K      Dxpedit.  ABD          http://www.qsl.net/ox2k/index.htm, EME B+D, QSL Manager: OZ1ACB, may 29-jun 4 2000

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