A=50MHz, 7=70MHz Rcv, B=144MHz, C=222MHz, D=432MHz, 9=902MHz, E=1296MHz, F=2304MHz, G=3456MHz, H=5760MHz,
I=10GHz, J=24GHz, K=47GHz, L=75GHz, M=119GHz, N=142GHz, O=241GHz, S=300GHz, P=Light, SAT=Satellite

DATE  GRID   CALL      NAME      BANDS        ST,ex-call+Email+Tel+EME+MS+VUCC# 17-sep-10

**/** GN06   VE1VAS    ARC       A            (the Marconi Historical Site) from June thru sept 15th

06/04 GN08   VO1BHK    Brian     A            vo1tjm[a_t]rac.ca
07/00 GN08ma VO1TJM    Terry     AB           vo1tjm[a_t]rac.ca

**/** GN27   VO1EE     JOHN      B            jmclarke[a_t]thezone.net, 709-279-1157 , M/S
07/01 GN27   VO1KMS    Klaus     A            kstaeben[a_t]nf.sympatico.ca 

10/97 GN28   FP5EK     Ron       A            rlthomps[a_t]cancom.net

06/07 GN29   VO1KVT    Ken       A

06/06 GN37pp VO1AU     Dave      A            ex-VE2ZP, vo1au[a_t]rac.ca, (VO2AAA+VE9CB)

06/01 GN38ad VO1BC     Ian       A            ian.best[a_t]thezone.net
06/01 GN38mb VO1PJN    Paul      A            VO1PJN[a_t]nf.sympatico.ca
09/10 GN38bd VO1GO     Jerry     A            g.osborne[a_t]eastlink.ca

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