A=50MHz, 7=70MHz Rcv, B=144MHz, C=222MHz, D=432MHz, 9=902MHz, E=1296MHz, F=2304MHz, G=3456MHz, H=5760MHz,
I=10GHz, J=24GHz, K=47GHz, L=75GHz, M=119GHz, N=142GHz, O=241GHz, S=300GHz, P=Light, SAT=Satellite

DATE  GRID   CALL      NAME      BANDS        ST,ex-call+Email+Tel+EME+MS+VUCC# 15-oct-10

**/** FK17sn 6Y5RJ     RICHIE    B            PHONE IS QRL 9, 809-979-0523, n2ktu[a_t]mns.com

**/** FK21pv HK1KXA    Dave      ?            hk1kxa[a_t]hotmail.com

??/98 FK28   HH7PV     Patrick   A            

06/01 FK29   KG4ZI     Pat       A            see W5OZI

05/03 FK41   YV1DIG    Paul      A            yv1dig[a_t]amsat.org, QSL Manager: YV1AVO, yv1dig[a_t]cantv.net, 20% of the year on FK41

05/07 FK49el HI3TEJ    TED       A            hi3tej[a_t]hotmail.com, QSL Mgr: ON4IQ 

06/07 FK52md PJ2BVU    ???       A            Jean-Claude Abauzit, CUR-030657 PO Box 669508, Miami, FL 33166-9508, USA
06/07 FK52ud PJ4/PA3CNX Peter    A            QSL: 2$ or 2 IRC's

08/00 FK60   YV1DIG    Paul      A            yv1dig[a_t]amsat.org, QSL Manager: YV1AVO, yv1dig[a_t]cantv.net, 80% of the year on FK60
05/03 FK60ad YV4DDK    Tony      AB           yv4ddk[a_t]arrl.net, QSL Manager: yv4aj, scolamiero[a_t]cantv.net
10/01 FK60df YV4YC     BENEDETTO A
08/00 FK60nm YV5GRV    MARTIN    A            DF, yv5grv[a_t]modalnet.com, QSL Manager: KP3P
05/03 FK60nm YV5SSB    Alexis    A            yv5ssb[a_t]gmx.net

06/07 FK62   P43A      Jean-Pierre A          ex-P43LJP, XYL P43C

01/00 FK68on KP3A      Al        ABCD         ex-KP4ZR+N2MUC+DA4LA, kp3a[a_t]prtc.net, http://www.qsl.net/kp3a/
06/97 FK68xj KP3AA     Victor    A            ex-WP4NEV,kp3aa[a_t]hotmail.com
08/00 FK68lu KP3AR     JOSE      A            ex-WP4NEU, Manolo1957[a_t]aol.com
07/00 FK68wl KP4A      BELARMINO A            belarmino2[a_t]worldnet.att.net
06/97 FK68kk KP4AZG    MANUEL    A
08/00 FK68si KP4EIT    Jose(PAPO)ABD          fk58 06/00 ?
06/00 FK68si KP4JN     DEMETRIO  A            PR, ex-WP4BND, kp4jn[a_t]atenas.com
06/00 FK68lb KP4UK     MARCOS    A            PR, ex-NP4QI
05/97 FK68kk KP4ZK     ABEL      A
05/97 FK68lu KP4ZS     ABBY      A            ex-WP4KUL
03/08 FK68   NP3CW     Julio     A            PR, ex-WP4LNY, jcm1907[a_t]yahoo.com, WP4LNY till May 2004
06/07 FK68pd NP4A      PEDRO     A            PR, ex-KP4AST, QSL VIA W3HNK
10/06 FK68   WP3BM     Gabriel   A            PR, g_moonrec[a_t]yahoo.com
06/00 FK68vg WP4G      Angel     AB           wp4g[a_t]tld2.tld.net, 2m EME, MS
10/01 FK68ag WP4KJJ    Denis     ABD          PR, wp4kjj[a_t]isla.net, 787-745-4496
07/01 FK68km WP4O      Ed        ABD          wp4o[a_t]bellsouth.net, wp4o[a_t]caribe.net,MS, 1st QTH , see FK78, see EL95
06/02 FK68wg WP4U      Carlos    A            wp4u[a_t]prtc.net

**/** FK72   VP9IB     TOM       AB           M/S, 809-238-0254

09/01 FK77nr KP2BH     Jimmy     AB           VI, ex-WP2AEY, kp2bh[a_t]yahoo.com

**/** FK78mi KP2A      John      A            john[a_t]kp2a.vi, QSL Mgr: W3HNK 
05/98 FK78eh KP4BZ     Tim       A            Tim[a_t]isla.net
06/00 FK78ak KP4EOR    DAVID     A            PR, DSTERNENT[a_t]AOL.COM, 06/00 KP4EOR/HI8  FK58
**/** FK78eh KP4SQ     PEDRO     A            ex-WP4AGW,kp4sq[a_t]isppr.com,QSL Manager: KD81W
06/02 FK78he KP4TB     Rene      A
06/00 FK78aj KP4YA     CARLOS    A            ex-WP4LUH, 
08/98 FK78oh NP2L      Mal       BD           ex-W2IRZ, np2l[a_t]amsat.org, np2l[a_t]worldnet.att.net
06/98 FK78   VP2V/K9VV Fred      A            Virgin Gorda, from 5/27 to 6/2/98, see EM79aw K9VV
03/99 FK78   WP4O      Ed        AB           wp4o[a_t]caribe.net,MS, 2nd QTH , see FK68, see EL95

06/97 FK87   V44KAA    Winston   A

06/03 FK90   9Y4AT     JEFFERY   A 
01/00 FK90gg 9Y4NZ     CHRISTOPHER A          we5[a_t]cablenett.net , TRINIDAD and TOBAGO
06/07 FK90io 9Z4BM     Leon      AB           control[a_t]tstt.net.tt
01/00        9Z4BS     IAN       A            TRINIDAD and TOBAGO

05/00 FK92   J37LD     Michael   AB           jstewart[a_t]caribsurf.com , Carriacou Island (GRANADA WEST INDIES)

07/00 FK93   J87AB     Mike      A            mikewise[a_t]caribsurf.com, (G0GPX), IOTA NA025

05/02 FK96gb FG5FR     ?         A            QSL Manager: direct sase

06/03 FK97   V25XX     ?         A            qsl: WB8XX
04/04 FK97   V26B      Mike      ABD          KA2AEV SamankaM[a_t]coned.com
06/10 FK97   V26HS     Nelle     AB           Manager WB4WXE   MNSINE[a_t]bellsouth.net
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