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Ham Radio Station and DX Page.

Located on JESUS ISLAND (FN35cm, CISA PQ-014), the VE2DX station has been on the air since 1990.  My main goal is to experiment HF digital modes and HF contesting, I am also experiementing somewhat with sat operations but will admit that there is still a lot of work to do here.

The station is an SO2R/SOMR all ICOM setup...


- ICOM IC-756ProIII , Main SO2R/SO3R rig

- ICOM IC-746Pro , Sub SO2R/SO3R rig

- ICOM IC-736 , Second Sub SO3R rig/Backup SO2R rig

- ICOM IC-706 Mobile rig

- ICOM IC-820H VHF/UHF all mode Sat rig

ICOM AT-500 Antenna tuner


- TH3MK3, 20/15/10 meter beam

- 80/40 Dipole

- G5RV multi-band antenne

- 18-AVT 80-10 Vertical

- WARC Dipole 30-17-12

The main goal of this site is to share in my experience and experimenting in the great hobby that is Ham radio.

I have been a ham since 1990 but indirectly involved in radio experiment or ham activities since 1976.

Ham Radio is more then just 2M or HF or SSTV...  Ham Radio is the flexibility to be able to try one or all of these and many many more...  I started with a shortwave receiver an ST5 decoder and an old model 15 TTY. My dad being a TTY trainer we started working on used TTY (15, 28, 33, 35`s and many others) and putting them back together for the Montreal Ham community. this was 25 years ago.  Since the I did get my license in 1990 (VE2STN) and pass all the other levels of Canadian Ham exams to finally in 1996 have the chance to get the VE2DX (from Canada to the World) call sign.

You will find in this site many variation of information on this web site for different types of things that can and ARE being done in our Hobby.

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So Good DXing and Have Fun!

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