My name is Richard G. Desaulniers, I have been a Ham since December 1990. Since 1996 I have been assigned the Canadian Amateur Radio Call Sign of VE2DX, before this my previous call sign was VE2STN (I am still the owner of this call sign).

If you want to see my station click here!

Being a great lover of long distance HF operations known as DXing, you can imaging how happy I was to get this call sign.

I have been married since 1982 to a wonderful wife called Michele. Who (I must admit!) puts up with a lot with this Hobby! I am also the father of two great Guys called ; Richard Jr and Julien.

I was from 1996 til early 1998 the Coordonateur-Adjoint for RAQI emergency network station VE2RUG, which is involved in the Montreal, Laurentian and South-Shore Area. And was involved with the coordination of the 1997 and 1998 Canadian Ice Storms!  I was then named in 1999 as Quebec Section Manager (SM) for RAC and held that post until 2002, I them made the decision to leave my place to a great guy VE2OCP who was my right hand man in Quebec, this for personal and professional reasons.

 I am a great lover of Phone DXing but also of digital modes! I love contesting (specially CD DX WW and Field Days).  But mainly I am a generalist, this hobby is great to let poeple try AMNY different things at a very low cost...  And this is really what I like to do.  Like any good ham I have tones of projects that were started and will get done within the next ten years... I was one of the operators of the 2001 NA-038 expedition XM2CWI with the VE2CWI team, also operated XM2DX on that trip from many different IOTA and CISA islands!  I also operated from many CISA and IOTA islands over the years.  My QTH is located on Jesus Island (CISA PQ-014) the QRA locator is FN35CM.

I work as a technical analyst in technological developement for the Montreal Port Authority.  I am a sitting menber of many different federal and industry comities.  I am the President of the "Comité Consultatif des Telecommunication du Québec" for the Canadian Federal Goverment.

Thanks, Happy DXing and 73 de VE2DX