VE2DX`s Station


Hello and Welcome to the Station of VE2DX! Located on JESUS Island in QRA Locator FN35cm, CISA PQ-014.

I am a proud ICOM user with Most of my equipment!

On HF;

An ICOM IC-736 (HF + 6M), The Antenna is a TH3MK3 (3 elements, 3 bands) at about 15 Meters from the ground. There is also a 5 element 6 Meter beam (preparing for those great openning!) And a KAM-Plus for digital mode oeprations.


An ICOM IC-820H (V/U All Mode) for satellite operations (One Day!), an IC-3230H (V/U FM) for repeter operations. An X-200 for the IC-3230H and an 8 elements UHF Horizontal for the IC-820H, I am looking to add a 13b2 for VHF and possibly an Oscar Pack soon! A Kenwood TR-751A (All-Mode VHF) is waiting for the day when I will locate a 1.2G or 2.4G converter! And the good old FT-530 from Yeasu for portable operations.


An old but reliable Yeasu FT-227R (Memoriser) and a KPC-2 attached to a Vertical Dipole!


A Pro-2022 attached to a Discone antenna and a Kam for decoding special modes.

Radio, Radio and more Radios!

DX Cluster;

And then there is the DX Cluster! An IC-706 is attached to a Multiband Vertical (40,20,15,10) via an MFJ-949B for the HF link and Forwarding of the DX Cluster on 7.104 Mhz. 2 Midland UHF portables are used for UHF linking to the Users and the Forwarding. and the TNC`s being used are One Tiny-2 and a KAM (dual port!) A spare KPC-2 might be added for a user port access for APRS (soon I hope!).

DX Cluster Picture


A 386DX40 runs the DX Cluster (yes I did say a 386DX40!). A 386SX16 portable is used for Logging with EQF it is connected to the DX Cluster via Packet and also controls the IC-736, IC-706 and IC-820. A Pentium 166 is used for all other operations (JV-Fax, Sat-Track, etc...).