Iles Chassers

Not enough countries in the world for you! No Problem! Just do like a lot of us start chassinf Islands!

There are many variations of Island Chassers; IOTA, C.IS.A, US.IS.A, etc... The two most common ones are IOTA and C.IS.A.


IOTA (Island on the Air) is a series of Islands all over the Globe that match a specific definition. They must be a certain distance from land or from another Island.

C.IS.A (Canadian Island Award) is probably the second most looked for Island group. A certificat can be awarded to stations that operated a certain number of Canadian Islands. Among the best know Canadian Islands are Jesus Island (PQ14) and Newfoundland (NA01). For more information on C.IS.A. contact; Maple Leaf Radio Society, Garry Hammond - VE3XN, 5 McLaren Avenue, Listowel, ON N4W 3K1.

Where the fun really starts is when you combine IOTA and rare countries all in one, like St-Paul (CY9) or Sable (CY0). And lets not forget some small Reef in the Pacific barely large enough to fit a table without getting wet! (see below BS7H )

BS7H DX Expedition!

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