Other Ham Radio Web Sites
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RAC - Radio Amateurs of Canada

Campbell River Amateur Radio Society - VE7CRC

The National Association For Amateur Radio - ARRL

NTMS - North Texas Microwave Society

VE4MA - Barry and Al - W5LUA - First 47 GHz EME

LF - Low Frequency Sites

VE7SL - Steve McDonald

V01NA - Joe Craig

The World of LF

ON7YD Rik Strobbe

G3YMC - Dave Sergeant

G0MRF - David Bowman

DK7FC - Stefan

RSGB - Spectrum Forum

Martin Francis - DX Radio Pages

DL4YHF's - Audio Spectrum Analyzer (Spectrum Lab)

VLF - ULF - ELF -  (much lower frequencies)

Radio Waves below 22 kHz


Software For Amateur Radio

SC1CNS - Amateur Software

Argo - Weak Signal Receiving Software

Spectran V2 - Weak Signal Receiving Software


Technology Systems - Incs. Heathkit manuals

AC6V - Technical Reference

Sunspot Conditions


Solar Cycle #24 - Kevin, VE3EN