VE6EMU 6 meter beacon

I've installed this beacon in its location 10 km east of Camrose, Alberta (grid DO33pa) on a former emu farm (the home of my parents VA6TX and VE6LEY). The antenna is a 4 element yagi pointed NNE at the auroral curtain (towards Europe) and can be found on a frequency of 50.041 MHz. Its output power is about 35 watts and it's transmitting its CW (Morse code) message 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It has turned out to be an excellent aurora indicator as its auroral reflections can be heard across  the northwest states and western provinces with a Planetary K index as low 2.

This is what the beacon sounds like on a direct path under 'normal' conditions.

This is what the beacon sounds like as it's being reflected off the auroral curtain (notice all 'full tone' quality is gone).

      This site of the VE6EMU 6M beacon


VE6EMU 2 meter beacon

I've installed this beacon 32 km north of Camrose, Alberta (grid DO33ng) on a fairly high ridge and operates on a frequency of 144.286 MHz. The antennas (stacked M2 HO loops) is mounted 160 feet from the ground and its output power is variable between 5 and 80 watts (currently set at 40 watts). It has 7 selectable CW (Morse code) messages and is turned on via remote control on demand. Thanks to Barry VE6SBS for his work on the beacon transmitter.

 This is what the 2 meter beacon sounds like under 'normal' conditions. (sound files coming soon)

      This is the site of the VE6EMU 2M beacon


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