This is my station. I run the Icom 746, an Astatic D-104 microphone, (click on the mic to see how I connected it to my 746). Warren Gregoire WGA TR- 2000 headset, an MFJ 945E tuner, an Astron VS-35M power supply, a Pyramid PS-25G power supply, and a Telewave 44L1 wattmeter. I have an IFR-1000s spectrum analyzer, a Ramsey SM-1 sinad meter, and an MFJ-259B antenna analyzer to monitor the equipment I run. The rig is interfaced to an HP Pavilion N5310 notebook computer's serial port with an Icom, OPC-478  cable . It can run all functions of the radio from the computer keyboard with the RS-746 software. I have the external speaker plugged into the "line in" in the computer sound card so I get the rig audio out of the computer speakers. This also is the interface for receiving SSTV. The antennas are turned by a CDE Ham VI rotor and switched with the Ameritron RCS-8V remote coax switch.

As you can see everything is very easy to operate sitting in my chair without moving too much.