Delhi Tower

This is my 56' Delhi tower(DMXMD-56) that stands beside my house. There is one more wire antenna near the top at 55', this is a 250' center fed Zep, 55' at apex and 35' at each end. It is fed with 50' of 450ohm ladder line into an MFJ-912(W9INN current ballun). It will run on 160m-6m with a manual tuner. The bottom beam is a Mosley TA-34 M WARC, 20m-10m (5element 5 band HF beam, 21' boom). Next up from that is my TGM V50-5T(5 element 6 meter beam, 12' boom) at 64'. At the top, 66' is the Comet GP-9, (17'-6" vertical 2m&70cm). All these are on a 20', 1 1/2" I.D., schedule 80 aluminum mast, 10' inside the tower and 10' outside the tower. On the top and 5' in the tower are 2" thrust bearings to support all the weight of the antennas. This is all turned by a CDE Ham VI rotor.