PowerSmith software celebrates 20 years of functionality since concept!
Still handy without java script and proprietary locked #.net libraries. That was the target.


PowerSmith©™ The Electronic Smith Chart /simulator/s-parameters/noise figure/..
"In RF there are no real values, only complex numbers"

PowerSmith is program for impedance matching. Written by David Tomanek VA3DIW and Martin Kratoska OK1RR. It is a modeling and simulator tool. Use of the program is from discretes to antennas.

  • Import your data from vector network analyzer
  • PowerSmith™ handles Zp to Zs impedance conversion
  • Import your Reflection Coefficients Г and ρ.
  • Lumped and Distributed component models
  • Export/Import your design files
  • Lossy Transmission Line simulator
  • Frequency sweep and component tuner
  • SWR chart
  • Complex matching networks
  • AutoMatch™ feature
  • LNA analysis with s-parameters
  • LNA stability, input and output gain circles
  • Noise figure circles and noise resistance
  • Please register at the authors
  • The OS System
    Try VMware for multiple OS platforms. It can switch over to different OS within seconds.
    Point of interest may be the gentoo Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Lynx, Fedora Linux, Slackware Linux, PCLinuxOS, LinuxMint, worth to mention minix3. It will take time to reinvent UNIX. Stable system is an OPEN OS with accessible source code, where everybody can contribute and debug.

    For the User
    We have tried to do something for small companies and hobbyist.
    The non-profit users are encouraged to use the software. The profit oriented entities are encouraged to support further development. The software was written during winter 2000 in Winterpeg MB (-40°C outside). Global warming is for nuts. During the next arctic winter, a graphical user interface was added. There are over 42,000 lines. Several thousands of hours were invested from free time. There is no component limit, the favourite commercial ten component limit is not implemented.. Use whatever number of components you want. Memory is the limit. A significant number of people were interested in copying the source code for commercial activities, without any support, and porting to C++ Microsoft crap. "C" is fully documented to the registry level. C++ is not fully documented.
    Runs smooth on WinXP, FAT32. The NTFS file system is not supported.

    How it works
    You can download without license keys, without extracting your own private information, without suddenly expired licenses, or hidden fees. Everything depends on you. Now - you are the investor.

    PowerSmith.zip ver1.81b (118k) 30 day evaluation. link removed

  • Any use of the software by any government agency is prohibited
  • The non-profit organizations can use the software after registration

  • PowerSmith program users worldwide:
  • Small business owners
  • Amateur radio
  • Professional R&D institutions
  • University use (Reno CA, Silicon Valley, Utah, Arizona, Texas), Connecticut, United Kingdom
  • over 360 downloads in single small country.


    Policy change:

    Regretfully, your access expired.



    Well before 2006 started "The Technology Theft Campaign" in Canada and USA with the
    trademark "Copied in China 2025". Canadian and US companies were full of "chinese traders".
    The target was mmics, microwaves, SiGe, GaAs, memories, processors, IBM, HP, software.. you name it.
    At least, somebody opened eyes to the naive folks. You know the rest.
    Today, we have more interesting gadgets.

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