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5,710 feet, Mt. Wilson

View from place with strongest RFI I have ever seen (Mt. Wilson).
It is loaded with antennas. Click on the picture.

Castle hidden in the ....since 1348. Kašperk

Shortwave propagation

Grayline shortwave propagation today

OS usage Statistics within few years: 
53% Windows XP
21% Windows 7
  3% Vista
  1% Windows 8
  4% Linux
  2% Mac OS
  1% Android
15% leftovers
The sum of 22% of non-Windoze OS operational system is not bad. A new virus can knock down 25% of the whole infastructure. Present programming style has to be completely reviewed. The internet data transfer is ready for review.
"I'm not on Facebook"
Social media cause harm to the society and destruct relastionships. When is Zuckerberg heading to prison for stolen personal data? (The Cambridge Analytica scandal).

Want to cancel summer daylight saving time? Do it! Time change is harmful to our health and cost a lot of money. Ask your doctor about Circadian cycle.

Step by step change. Canadian radio license (from Industry Canada) is now for lifetime. There is no need to hassle with renewal bureaucracy and fill useless forms every five years.
Texas Instruments Inc. implemented my "Submit documentation feedback" in the datasheets.

I've set up a club focused to development, innovation, and sciences. Planting the soul of mutual cooperation and exchange of ideas. It is a round table. Everybody is welcome. no pricks.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Weather Forecast

N.R.A. National Rifle Association
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  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Under the Southern Cross, trek
  • Route 66, San Gabriel Valley

  • Technical notes, hardware, weak signal, and homebrew

  • How to do projects
  • Vackar oscillator, VFO
  • Oscillators with Noise feedback
  • Lambda oscillator
  • The Vector Network Analyzer
  • The Minivna analyzer reviewed
  • New England noise bridge with noise diode BC547eb epitaxial Si
  • Norton Amplifier
  • Return Loss and SWR meter
  • Capacitors - RF properties
  • Solar Battery charger
  • Cuk's DC/DC power conversion delivers unmatched efficiency
  • The Unbreakable Keyboard
  • X-tal oscillator with stability 1-10
  • PIN diode for AGC or T/R switch?
  • DSP waveform generator KIT
  • Baluns from Wenzel Associates
  • Power Splitter, power divider
  • Matched diode quad 1N60 mil, HP5082-2815 is still the best
  • Matjaz's S53MV notes
  • EME VK3UM moonbounce
  • Salute to VK3BR
  • PCB-RF board howto
  • Interview Questions for rookies
  • US Band plan, NZ Band plan
  • An 175W Power Amplifier,
         RF Design Journal 5/1997
  • 1GHz Spectrum Analyzer,
         RF Design Journal 6/1995
  • What is PSoC ASIC? A palmtop Spectrum Analyzer with PSoC uC
  • The 90° hybrid phase shifter
  • Termination insensitive mixers
  • Reciprocal mixing
  • HF receiver, the digital hybrid
  • Minimum Reflection Filters
  • Karel Kryl demokracie
  • Karel Kryl   US mirror
  • Ron Paul's Institute for Prosperity
  • Shack & homebrew


    Visit the tree planting, bio sanctuary preservation and wildlife diversity website; The Gondwana's Green Lush reforestation project.
    Plant trees, contribute your way. We use the free space at our ranch. Every year we plant trees and bushes for our satisfaction and the environment. It grows slower than any semiconductor. I take rest from the PC work, and watch what's growing.
    - sage, apricots. BTW. There are so many varieties of sage! red, pink, red wine, sky blue, orange
    - sage, avocado, oaks
    - 27 red oaks, 12 chestnuts, 5 pine trees, pinia
    - 24 red oaks, 8 summer oaks, beech, cherry
    - avocado, 12 walnuts, red & black currant, apple trees, beech. Plant trees.
    - walnuts, pecans, cacti, avocado
    - tomatos, 7 walnut trees, 5 cottonwoods, strawberries, sunflower, potatoes
    - 4 red currants, 5 black currants, raspberry, blackberry, gooseberry, 2 walnuts, strawberry, sunflowers
    - paeony, potatoes, carraway, hornbeams, 7 pinias
    - Planting trees and shrubs raise the natural water table and provides shade for different species
    - music for joy. Visit the Joseph Haydn music festival

    Welcome to my workshop Check your eQSL cards.
    Want to renew your Amateur License? Forget it.
    Want to put up what the bureaucrats want? Forget it.
    Get a lifetime license.

    Vote for Direct Democracy.

    Ignore contacts with locations where they think to be always correct. Europeans: From Venus?
    Interesting view of the Eurosojuz and Euroseptic. The days of Brussel's socialists, neomarxists, apparatchiks, bureaucrats and lesbian-liberals are counted.

    News from Brussels: EU/Brussels liberals actively destruct national values, cultural heritage, destruct family values, destruct christianity, teach not to work, promote gay or lesbian weddings, planting greed and state-dependency, dissolve local economies. Anything melting morale and unity is useful. New evil emerged. Nothing new.
    The only aswer can be no. Strict NO to the Eurobolsheviks.
    Double standards, un-elected unaccountable politicians, robbed states, corruption, and incapacitance to solve any problem. EU has crisis of legitimacy. A sizable number of citizens decided EU European Union rules are harmful to their interests—or worse, prevent national governments from fulfilling their duty to protect their citizens.

    EU defunct. European Union, western Europe became socialist island in deep crisis, with untrustworthy leaders. The EU and Brussels symptoms are sterility in technology, science, society, development, startups, inability and unwillingness to cooperate, illegal taxes, and faked elections. Dictated orders and restrictions, discrimination, the European media censorship is running big time cuting the Free Speech. In became Eurosojuz.  
    -"People in free land use their own brain".
    western Europe offers same crap as on October 1938, the 'Munich Agreement'.
    I am surprised, how comes the west European people are such stupid not recognizing another dictatorship?
    The 1938 'Munich Agreement' that western European powers signed with Adolf Hitler in an attempt to stay off war in Europe. You know how it ended up. There was the Third Reich, then Stalinism, then socialism, then looting of the countries, then Brussel commie dictatorship. Then people got enough of the unelected talkers and whiped them out, to the grass.
    The EU bureaucrats don't have any historical experience and memory to understand. Brussels builds Utopia and same socialism, that failed. With 55,000 paid Brussels bureaucrats.
    Brussels parliament is a place where people drink booze for the whole day and remain paid.

    Jean-Claude Juncker (Luxembourg) celebrates Karl Marx anniversary

    (sociopath, unelected European parliament socialist fool bureaucrat)
    Over 120 millions of lost lives in communism are not enough for him.
    He is an idiot.
        5/2018: Euro-commie crap
    Claude Juncker publicly seen on TV, drunk as a fiddler. He even couldn't walk.
    Who supports this left wing commie-crap from Luxembourg?

    western Europe and Brussels created new Comecon "Council for Mutual Economic Assistance" from the soviet era (1949-1991). Brezhnev and Khrushchev would be delighted. In 2011 the EU was in total collapse. Cyprus and Greece collapsed. The socialists and left liberals continue the same way. Perversity is the tool of Satan. Hang them high.
    Penka the cow follows sunrise and sundown. Penka the cow never heard about Brussels daylight saving time. Bring all your cows and oxes to Brussels for training. When a guest starts lecturing, kick him out of the door.
    6/2018: Angela Merkel has destroyed Europe.
    Free yourself from European Union. Many will follow.
    Merkel was a Stasi member, the secret DDR police.
    It marks END of communist-liberal-nazi powers in Germany, France, Holland, Belgium..
    Direct democracy will prevail.
    6/2018: Enough of your crap. Enough of European crap.
    Dishonest and weak Trudeau. G7 meeting 6/2018.
    Vows, two different interest rates, and double standards.
    Euro currency results:
    - Cyprus bankrupt, total nationalization
    - Greece bankrupt
    - Portugal bankrupt
    - Spain bankrupt
    - Italy ???
    Euro currency is the worst idea.
    The goal is to destruct local industries.
    Take a whip, and drive this west-european communist cattle to the ocean.

    A french farmer dumps manure in front of French Social Security office-video
    None of the european states has democracy, except one.
    The French public: "We want Trump".

    Nazi and Communist Collaboration In Germany During the Decade Preceding Hitler's "Third Reich"[1923-1933]
    Totalitarian EU wants to screw Switzerland.

    Characterization of disfunctional European Union:
    Instead of mutual cooperation, nearly every EU nation thinks they are above the others. It is very interesting moment to observe Europeans giving fingerprints at the US customs.
    "Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable - a most sacred right - a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world."
    - Abraham Lincoln -

    America always wins because we have balls and we stick together, that's why our country didn't split into 27 countries. We have problems, but we're still and always will be better than you. We made the journey to the Moon. Europeans have problem talking to each other.
    There are states established from ground up. Read about George Washington, Alexis de Tocqueville, and Marquis de Lafayette.

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    W6KA Pasadena Amateur Radio Club

    W6KA Pasadena shack

    W6KA Pasadena meeting

    Since 1382, Krakovec. Last haven of John Hus.

    Sunrise in Auckland, New Zealand

    Spring from my friends, Mt. Whitney

    Flowering saguaro

    Tecopa CA

    Old Pasadena CA

    Sonora Pass in mid June

    Channel Islands, Anacapa

    The 40 giants

    Direct Democracy. Take your steering wheel. Přímá demokracie

    President Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher

    An oxymoron explained

    Know your direction

    Historical Landmark. In 1639, the Colony of Connecticut adopted the Fundamental Orders, which was the first North American constitution. Walk where George Washington walked.

    Nice verticals

    #MeToo feminist poster

    Functional system

    Powered by electricity