I use a Logikey K-5 which has six memory buttons on the top. I got tired of reaching over and up from the keyboard to trigger a memory so I built up a remote to make life that much more enjoyable.
There are times when an avaiilable operating position doesn't have much room on the desk and then it gets more complicated. Also, during a contest its nice to be able to limit the amount of motions I make. Having the remote between me and the laptop is a wonderful thing.

Being a 100% CW operator, this is a key feature of my station, so I set out to make something that will last a long time.

The enclosure is a small cast aluminum box that measures 3.63"W, 1.5"H and 1.06"D as I have it laid before me, with the lid down on the desk. The parts list is below. It is a simple matter to wire up the switches with a common ground and the other side routed through the connector as shown and then soldered to the pins of U4 inside the K-5 keyer. I picked up the case ground by soldering to the ground side of the paddle input jack.

The hole for the DIN jack required an 11/16" chassis punch and a little bit of filing. The remote box has the wires exiting on the end with a gromet. To keep the cable from twisting I installed a small standoff at the other end and anchored to that with a ring terminal and a cable tie. The cable I used was an old computer cable. Nice and flexible so it lays flat on the desk.

The first three buttons are black and the next three are red. I did that as I use different banks for simplex and split operations. On the next one I build I will add a small space between buttons 3 and 4, much like the way the K-5 is laid out. That will help locate the proper button without needing to look.

Connections to U4 from rear panel. Ground is picked up from key jack on back of circuit board.
Clean Install
Remote box in front of computer. Other operations keyer is set up to 4 feet away. I operate it with my left hand ...usually my thumb, and keep hands closer to keyboard. Keyer is normally atop rig to the left.

I have purchased a second K-5 and did the same mod to it, which will be kept at my home in the Philippines, on the island of Bohol. (DU7BLR) This one is a little nicer with a factory painted box and I added a slight space between buttons 3 and 4 so I can tell where I am by touch. I also added numbers to dress it up a little. Numbers are rub-on by Data Kote ...which I think is long out of business