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My website is dedicated to promoting Global Friendship, Communal Harmony, Peace, Universal Brotherhood, Social Service, National Integration, Ham Radio and understanding of Islam, by providing unbiased and balanced information.

When I read the Holy Qur'an I was more and more convinced that the real purpose of religion is to enrich inner life and to seek closeness to Almighty. The Qur'an emphasises that it is in remembrance of Allah that ones heart finds inner peace (13:28). There are several such verses in the Holy Qur'an which strongly emphasise the richness of spiritual life.

A careful study of the Qur'an also makes it very clear that revelation is no way contradictory to reason. Both, in fact, are complementary to each other and one is incomplete without the other. While reason helps us understand the physical aspects of this universe, revelation helps us find the ultimate answers to our origin and destination. While reason is an important source of enrichment of our material life, revelation is necessary for our spiritual growth.

Inner certitude is a must for action. A human being will act with enthusiasm only when one possess this quality of inner certitude about his/her action. It is this inner certitude which inspires a person to make great sacrifices for higher causes. Life acquires great sense of dynamism because of this inner certitude (imaan in the language of the Qur'an). In all ages human beings have been inspired by this sense of inner certitude to act to renew and reconstruct the world. Any noble act, even an act to defend ones country or to fight against corruption, or to work for the uplift of the weaker sections of the society or to bring about revolution requires the state of inner certitude. It is this inner certitude which makes action itself its own reward and that is why people make sacrifices even if immediate success is not in sight. Only those who look for only material benefit act in the expectation of immediate result and not on account of their conviction.

I believe that any act which leads to general good of the human beings is a spiritual act. To feed a hungry soul is more meritorious than praying throughout the night. Thus the real spirituality lies in serving the people, in fact serving the whole creation. Therefore, even the act to protect environment from destruction is also a spiritual act. It is only in proper environment that life - whether human, animal or plant life - can thrive. Any act to destroy the environment is an irreligious act.

I believe that the fanatics do more harm to their own religion than to that of others. A true lover of his own religion will always respect others' faith. Deep and true conviction of ones own faith would never evoke hatred and disrespect for others' faith.

I believe that one who is truely religious is highly sensitive towards others sufferings, particularly sufferings of the weaker sections of society. Thus the feeling of compassion is very fundamental to being religious. In all religious traditions, particularly in Islamic traditions God is embodiment of compassion. No one who lacks compassion and sensitivity towards others' sufferings can ever claim to be a full human being, let alone a religious person.

I believe that the Qur'an emphasises four most important teachings without which one cannot be a good Muslim. These are 1) 'adl, ihsan, rahmah and hikmah i.e. justice, benevolence, compassion and wisdom. Thus a person must be just, benevolent, compassionate and wise in order to be a good human being. Mere performance of certain rituals cannot qualify one for being a spiritual person. One must inculcate these qualities.

I also believe that a truely religious person is quite subversive of the unjust established order. One who supports an unjust order or remains silent in view of gross injustices is, in my opinion, not at all a religious person. A religious person must continue to wage war against all forms of exploitation and injustices.

I dislike hypocrisy. Whatever might be the religion, one should not try to harm another. I believe in non-violence and totally oppose any form of violence. Resort to violence is destructive of all human values. Violence could be the last resort in one's own defence. Even defencive violence should not be treated as a licence to kill. If one cannot create life, one has no right to destroy it. The respect for life is the rudiment of human sensitivity. In my opinion violence should not be used as a licence even for liberative purposes. The liberative violence soon degenerates into oppressive violence. Once you take up a gun you do not want to lay it down. Gun empowers you and you want to enjoy that power over others.

Liberative violence soon results in killing spree against one's own revolutionary colleagues. The history is full of such instances. It is true hunger and deprivation (of basic necessities or even of freedom) are form of violence but violence perpetrated by weapons is any time worse than that of hunger and deprivation. Any social or economic order based on violence cannot lead to a just order. Violence destroys all human sensitivities and turns a human person into an insensitive killing monster.

I believe that nuclear explosion is the worst crime against humanity. Nuclear weapons have the highest potential for killing. No person with any human sensibility would ever support a nuclear weaponisation project even in the name of security. All weapons in general, and nuclear weapons in particular can at best create only an illusion of security, never a real security. Real security comes only through peace and well being of people. History also has proved time and again that highly weaponised states, with discontented population, collapsed like house of cards at the hands of much less powerful attackers.

Real movement should be to destroy all modern weapons, nuclear or otherwise, and use resources for building peaceful and contented society throughout the world. High cultural values can be based only on culture of peace and non-violence.

I strongly believe in pluralism and diversity. Human creativity can thrive only in the situation of freedom and diversity. Democratic freedom has meaning only if diversity is allowed to flower. Strict uniformity can, and often does, lead to fascism. A truely democratic society can be promoted only, and only if diversity is allowed to flower. I, therefore, believe in three 'ds' i.e. democracy, diversity and dialogue.

I believe that democracy, diversity and dialogue sustain and strengthen each other. If there is no diversity, there can be no democracy and if there is no dialogue, diversity cannot be strengthened. Dialogue is the very spirit of religious and cultural diversity. A genuine dialogue can be conducted only in the spirit of democracy. Firstly, dialogue recognises the right of others to believe what they think is based on their own inner convictions. Secondly, dialogue is conducted not to convert others to ones own view point but to understand others view point. Also dialogue can be conducted only in a spirit of humility. I believe that while arrogance dictates, while dialogue discusses. In a democratic set up differences should be resolved only through dialogue and discussion.

I believe in unity of entire humanity and integrity of entire creation. If we love God we must love entire universe. The Qur'an has described Allah as sustainer of entire universe, Rabb al-'Aalamin and hence it is our duty to submit humbly to the will of Allah and be His humble servant in maintaining and sustaining integrity of His creation.

I believe every opportunity given to me should be used to help others. I want to serve the humanity in general, and the community, society and the nation in particular.

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