| What is APRS? |

APRS is 100% radio { good }

Is 100% Radio { good } with Internet { BAD } ? or { MAD } ?

Or is 100% Internet Not { BAD } without RADIO { good }?

May be not BAD { Internet } But not MAD { Radio }

[ Radio ] + [ Radio ]  -----> [ Internet (NON-HAMS have 'Utility') ]

 [ Internet (HAMS using Internet) ]  -----> [ Radio ]  + [  Radio ] 

{ NON-HAMS have NO 'Utility' }

NON-HAMs have no access to RADIO


APRS is the Registered Trademark of Bob Bruninga WB4APR US Naval Academy


[ Read the instructions below the map to use various controls]

[ Map courtesy Google Earth ]






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Clicking on a station shows its information
[distance/Speed/Altitude/bearing from base station] in the status bar.

Dr. Steve Dimse (K4HG) first introduced the APRS interface to the Internet in 1999.

Is it bad that I demonstrate you a 7 Year Old Technology?

This enabled the feeding of the APRS information originated from mobile ham station to the Internet. In this map you can view the mobile hams at the vicinity of  VU2NCT Amateur Radio Club Station. The stations would appear in real-time when they transmit APRS data on 144.800 MHz to reach the VU2NCT APRS gateway.

Why javAPRS?

This page uses Peter Loveall's (AE5PL) javAPRS [javAPRS 2.7b24 2006 Pete Loveall AE5PL] to demonstrate ham to non-ham communication (Non-hams can only monitor APRS ham activities using their Internet Browsers) which definitely have utility during any emergency situation (locating crash sites, accident sites, traffic jams, position tracking of objects)


Peter Loveall (AE5PL) during a repeater installation.
Peter Loveall took over the javAPRS
support from Steve Dimse, K4HD.

During the demo, VU2MUe-9  feeds the real-time RF (Radio Frequency) data via a KENWOOD radio interfaced to a computer at VU2NCT and that data reaches you via the Internet showing its positions & messages on a map (you can in fact track VU2MUE-9 if you monitor dedicatedly).

VU2NCT uses Late Roger Barker's (G4IDE) UI-VIEW to log-in to Rin Fukuda's (JG1VGX) Tier 2 T2JAPAN APRS server and then the data is internationally distributed from T2JAPAN tier 2 server.

VU2MUE-9 can also remotely text message, i.e. even if he is at a place where there is no Internet connectivity or where there is no cell-phone network, it could  'text message' you using the radio waves!

In the map above, you can see VU2MUE-9 moving in the streets of Delhi when he is QRV on APRS. I

UI-VIEW Screen Shot
Click the image for high resolution screen shot

Roger Barker's (G4IDE) UI-VIEW is a popular Windows based APRS application used by hams (radio amateurs licensed by the government) all over the world. UI-VIEW requires a validation from APRS server administrators. Being a ham I always appreciate others also to become hams so that they can also use a beautiful software like UI-VIEW and enjoy the benefits of APRS Technology.

But what if I want to demonstrate the Amateur Radio APRS capability to a non-ham who does not have UI-VIEW (or any other APRS applications) installed in his/her computer?

javAPRS now gives that flexibility. The map that appears below is an APRS map accessible by the non hams too. Text messages originated from RF stations can also be monitored by non-hams which has a utility in ham radio emergency communication [press 'M' and the read message at JAVA Console].

javAPRS Commands (Case Insensitive) for the above map

zooms up (wider view)
zooms down (narrower view)
lists stations heard to the Java console
lists only weather station reports to the Java console
lists beacons to the Java console
lists ID reports to the Java console
lists last 25 messages to the Java console
centers map on clicked location
zooms in on clicked location
Arrow keys
scrolls map