M2 VHF UHF Cross Yagis at VU2NCT

We are using  metallic pipe fitted with solid PP rod for the boom

We automated the Rotor Controlling by interfacing the YAESU
G 5500 AZ-EL Rotor Controller with EA4TX [ ] to the computer parallel port.
ARSWIN by Pablo, EA4TX is integrated to Orbitron with WispDDE Driver

Orbitron Screen shot

Rotor Installation Videos

Azimuth Calibration
Elevation Calibration


Azimuth Elevation Rotor Ground Test. In this video it can be noticed that Elevation Rotor on top of the Azimuth Rotor was fitted in the wrong direction! Both the connectors need to be in same direction. What a silly mistake :-(
Correcting the mistake! This video shows remounting of the Elevation Rotor. Initially we turned the boom to get a correct rotation. But that made the the antenna to rotate downwardly [ not pointing to the sky! but to the ground! ]. Then I could assume the mistake. I just referred to the picture of the G5500 on the cover of the brochure!...And voila!


We promote Morse Code. Sending a slow morse to a novice...