Collection of UY5XE

UY5XE's collection: around 700 badges, tokens and medals (arranged on 29 cardboards) issued since
1930s and conditionally devided for the following topical sections:
  1. Reward badges of defense societies (1 cardboard).
  2. Tokens and medals of DOSAAF Spartacist Games( from II (1961) till IX (1990)) of all levels (regionals,
    oblasts, republicans and All-Union)( 6 cardboards).
  3. Tokens and medals of diffirent contests of VTVS and creative activity shows of DOSAAF radioamateur-designers
    of all levels (6 cardboards).
  4. Tokens and medals of diffirent international contests on VTVS (including HF-contests)(3 cardboards).
  5. Distinctive badges (all levels)(1 cardboard):
  6. HAM-radio and radiosport logo-badges(1 cardboard).
  7. National amateur radio organizations logo-badges (1 cardboard).
  8. Memorable and jubilee badges, tokens and medals of radioamateur's meetings, conferences, expeditions,
    radiosport's contests, regional amateur radio organizations and clubs emblems, Press and personal badges
    of some amateurs (10 cardboards).
The material of which all of these were made is every possible:
- metal (from aluminium till silver and copper);
- plastic;
- clay.