UT7FP Victor S. Stelletski


UT7FP RTTY Mail Box can be found daily on 14.087/FSK since 10 to 15 GMT. You can get newest HAM Radio Bulletins, Contest Rules and Results of several HAM Radio competitions, make test your rig. In the end of QSO with Mail Box you will get a picture of QSL card.

Every minute UT7FP Mail Box transmit following:

CQ CQ CQ CQ CQ CQ CQ CQ This is UT7FP UT7FP RTTY Mail Box To access system press ENTER key few times then type from new line following:

UT7FP de Your-Call Your-Call de UT7FP pse kkk.

After establishing a contact with the Mail Box you may call any of the following commands:

For example: type //info and you will get information about the station and it's owner.

This is UT7FP MBX (Mail BoX) system. It works with any IBM - compatible computer with simple modem such as HAMCOM or BAYCOM.


Using equipment:

Address :

Internet :

Phone: 380 (4868) 61573

Following command //list:

UT7FP Mail Box msg list:

Special note for QRP stations: type from new line several times UT7FP and Your call. For example: UT7FP UT7FP UT7FP de UT5RP de UT5RP de UT5RP UT5RP

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