LZ DX Contest

Sponsor: The Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs
Date: first weekend of September from 12:00 UTC on Saturday till 12:00 UTC on Sunday.
Bands: 80; 40; 20; 15; 10 m
Mode: CW
Categories: A - Single operator, multi band;
B - Single operator, single band;
C - Multi-operator, multi band, single transmitter;
D - SWL.
Exchange: RST+ ITU Zone
Points: 6 points for each QSO with LZ station.
3 points for each QSO with other continent.
1 point for each QSO with the same continent.
Multipliers: The sum of ITU zones on each band.
Final score: The sum of QSO points multiplied by final multiplier.
Awards: first three scores in the world in each category.
P.O.Box 830
1000 Sofia

AGCW Straight Key Party

Sponsor: AGCW-DL
Date: 1st Saturday in September.
13.00 - 16.00 UTC
Bands:    40m
Mode:     CW- using straight keys.
Categories: A. maximum output 5 W, or input 10 W respectively;
B. maximum output 50 W, or input 100 W respectively;
C. maximum output 150 W, or input 300 W respectively;
Exchange: RST + serial number/ class/ name/ age (XYL = XX).
Points: Category A to category A counts 9 points;
Category A to category B counts 7 points;
Category A to category C counts 5 points;
Category B to category B counts 4 points;
Category B to category C counts 3 points;
Category C to category C counts 2 points.
Multipliers: None.
Final score: Sum of valid QSO points.
LOG: Friedrich Wilhelm Fabri, DF1OY
               Grunwalder Str 104
               D-81547 Munchen

  Panama Anniversary Contest

Sponsor: The Panama Radio Club
Date: First Sunday in September.
00.01  -  23.59 UTC.
Bands: 40, 20 and 15 meters
Mode:     SSB
Categories: Single operator, all band.
Exchange: RS + serial number.
Points: Count 2 points for contacts with HP, one point for all others.
Multipliers: Count one multiplier per DXCC country worked.
Final score: Total QSO points times total multipliers.
Awards: to all stations with 10 (ten) or more contacts with HP; to DX station with the highest points in each continent.
LOG: Radio Club de Panama
                    Anniversary Contest
                    P.O.Box 10745
                    Panama 4
                    Republic of Panama

YLRL Howdy Days Contest

Sponsor: Young Ladies Radio League
Date: Second week in September.
Wednesday  14.00   -   Friday  02.00 UTC.
Bands:    80 - 10m
Mode:     CW, SSB
Exchange: YLRL member or non-YLRL member.
Points: Score two points for each YLRL member contacted. Score one point for each non-YLRL member contacted.
Awards: Top-scoring
LOG: Carla Watson,  WO6X
                    473 Palo Verde Dr
                    CA  94086

Scandinavian Activity Contest

Sponsor: SSA
Date: CW: Third weekend in September
SSB: Fourth weekend in September
1500 UTC Saturday - 1800 UTC Sunday
Bands:    3,5 - 28 MHz
Mode:     CW, SSB
Categories: a) Single Operator,
? multi bands.
? multi bands, QRP.
b) Multi Op./Single TX/All Bands.
c) SWL.
Exchange: RS(T) + serial number.
Points: Only Scandinavian stations may be logged for points. QSO - 1 point.
Scandinavian stations are defined by prefixes as follows: LA/LB/LG/LJ (Norway), JW (Svalbard and Bear Island), JX (Jan Mayen), OF/OG/OH/OI (Finland), OF0/OG0/OH0 (Aaland Island), OJ0 (Market Reef), OX (Greenland), OY (Faroe Islands), OZ/5P (Denmark), SI/SJ/SK/SL/SM/7S/8S (Sweden) and TF (Iceland).
Multipliers: call-number area (0 to 9) in each Scandinavian country on each band.
Final score: multiply the sum of QSO points on all bands with the sum of multipliers worked on all bands.
Awards: The top scorer in each country.
LOG: SSA (Sweden)


Sponsor: Western Washington DX Club
Date: 1600 Saturday September 19 - 0700 UTC Sunday September 20, 1998;
1600 - 2400 Sunday September 20, 1998
Bands:  3,5 - 28 MHz
Mode:     CW, SSB
Categories: 1. Single Operator
? CW
?  SSB
? Mixed
? QRP (5 watts),
? low power (200 watts)
? Open
2. Multi Operator Single Transmitter
Exchange: RS(T) and County for Washington stations; RS(T) and State, Province, or DXCC country for stations outside Washington.
Points: 2 for SSB, 3 for CW and 6 for Novice/Tech CW.
Multipliers: Washington Counties (39.) Each Multiplier may be counted ONLY once per Mode (CW and SSB) regardless of
Final score: QSO points from all bands X total multipliers
QRP (5 watts) Bonus: Multiply total score X 3
Low Power (200 watts) Bonus: Multiply total score X 2
Awards: Package of Portlock Smoked Salmon to highest score in each DX country.
LOG: W7FR Western Washington DX Club P.O. Box 395 Mercer Island,
WA 98040
E-mail: [email protected]

Atlantic QSO Party

Sponsor: The Loyalist City Amateur Radio Club Inc.
Date: Sept 20, 1998 00:00 UTC - Sept 20, 1998 24:00 UTC
Bands: 160-10 meters
Mode:     SSB
Categories: Single Operator Low Power (under 100 watts )
Single Operator High Power (over 100 watts ).
Exchange: Atlantic Province stations send RS and county. Other stations send RS and DXCC country.
Points: 1 point for every Atlantic Province station worked per band.
Multipliers: 1 multiplier point for each Atlantic Province county.
Final score: Total QSO points X multiplier points.
Awards: top scorer in each DXCC Country.
c/o The Loyalist City ARC
P.O. Box 6552 Stn B Saint John, New Brunswick
Canada E2L 4R9

CQ World-Wide RTTY DX Contest

Sponsor: The Digital Journal
Date: Last full weekend in September.
Saturday  00.00   -   Sunday  24.00z.
Bands:    80 - 10m
Mode:     RTTY, AMTOR, Packet.
Categories: 1. Single Operator
(a)  All Band High Power or Low Power;
(b)  (b) Single Band;
(c)  (c) Single Operator Assisted All Band.
2. Multi-Operators
(a)  Multi-Op Single Transmitter, High Power or Low Power, All Band;
(b) Multi-Op Multi Transmitter, All Band.
Exchange: Stations within the 48 continental US and the 13 Canadian areas must transmit RST, State or VE area, and CQ Zone number. All other stations must transmit RST and CQ Zone number.
Points: One QSO point for contacts within your own country. Two QSO points for contacts outside your own country but within your own continent. Three QSO points for contacs outside your own continent.
Multipliers: One multiplier point for each US state (48) and each Canadian area (13) on each band. One multiplier point for each DX country in the ARRL and/or WAE lists on each band. One multiplier point for each CQ Zone worked on each band. Maximum of 40 zones per band.
Final score: Total QSO points times the total multipliers.
Awards: first-place finishers in each of the operator classes.
LOG: Roy Gould,  KT1N
CQ WW RTTY DX Contest Director
P.O.Box DX
Ma  01775
Tennessee QSO Party

Sponsor: The Tennessee Contest Group
Date: Last weekend in September.
Sunday  18.00   -   Monday  01.00 UTC.
Bands:    80 - 10m
Mode:     CW, SSB, Digital
Categories: Single operator
Exchange: RS(T) and Tennessee county or state/province/DXCC country.
Points: One point per QSO on phone; two on CW or digital modes. Valid are Tennessee contacts only.
Multipliers: Tennessee counties (95 max.). An extra multiplier may be claimed for every five additional  QSOs with the same Tennessee county.
Awards: the highest scoring station in each DX country.
LOG: Tennessee QSO Party
Douglas Smith
1385 Old Clarksville Pike
Pleasant View, TN  37146-8098