UCWC Contest

Sponsor: UCWC-Club
Date: First Saturday in October.
00.00  -  08.00 UTC.
Bands: 10 - 80 meter.
Mode:  CW
Categories: Single operator, multi band;
Multi operator, single transmitter.
Exchange: RST + name. UCWC-members give membership number.
Points: QSOs with own continent count 1 point, with other continent 3 points.
Multipliers: Each worked UCWC-member counts 1 multiplier per band, 2 on 40/80m.
Final score: Total QSO-points times total multipliers.
LOG: UCWC Contest Secretary
                 Vladimir Momot,  UA4YR
                 Strelka 23-8
                 Chuvashia 429800

VK/ZL/Oceania Contest

Sponsor: NZART
Date: SSB   First weekend in October
CW    Second weekend in October.
Saturday  10.00   -   Sunday 10.00z.
Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15 & 10 m.
Mode:   CW, SSB
Categories: Single operator, all band;
Multi-operator, all band;
Exchange: RS(T) + serial number.
Points: QSOs with VK/ZL/Oceania stations:
                      10 points on 80 meter
                       5 points on 40 meter
                       1 point on 20 meter
                       2 points on 15 meter
                       3 points on 10 meter.
Multipliers: One multiplier per VK/ZL/Oceania prefix per band.
Final score: the total QSO points multiplied by  the total number of prefixes worked.
Awards: the top scorers in each category, in each continent, country.
LOG: VK/ZL/Oceania Contest Manager
P. Nesbit, VK3APN
WIA, Box 2175
Caulfield Junction Vic. 3161

F9AA Cup Contest

Sponsor: Union des Radio Clubs
Date: First weekend in October.
Saturday  12.00   -   Sunday  12.00z.
Bands:    160 - 10m
Mode: First 12 hours are CW with the remainer of the contest on SSB.
Categories: Single operator;
Multi operator.
Exchange: Club stations: RST + serial number and club name, others eliminate the club designation.
Points: Club stations - 5 points same continent, 10 points different continent. Individual stations - 1 point same continent, 3 points different continents. Fifty bonus points/ QSO for working F8URC.
Multipliers: DXCC countries and different radio clubs.
Awards: The first place club station and SWL outside of France will receive the special F9AA Cup Award. The top ten individual stations receive other awards. All foreign club entries will be notified of the final results.
LOG: Union des Radio Clubs
                Coupe Fernand Raoult
                11 Rue de Bordeaux
                F-94700 Maisons Alfort

California QSO Party (CQP)

Sponsor: Northern California Contest Club
Date: First weekend in October.
Saturday  16.00   -   Sunday 22.00 UTC.
Bands:    160 - 2 m
Mode:     CW, SSB
Categories: Single-Operator, Multi-Single, Multi-Multi
Exchange: California stations send QSO number and county.  Stations outside of California send QSO number and state, province, or country.
Points: SSB contact - 2 points. CW contact- 3 points. Contacts with California stations are valid.
Multipliers: California counties (maximum  58).
Final score: the total number of QSO points multiplied by the  total number of multipliers.
Awards: To top Single-Op in each country, and to stations with 100 or more QSOs.
c/o Ken Anderson, K6PU,
Box 853, Pine Grove,
CA 95665
E-mail: [email protected]

Iberoamericano Contest

Sponsor: Unio Radioaficionats del Valles Oriental
Date: Weekend before October 12th.
Saturday  20.00   -   Sunday  20.00z.
Bands: 160 - 10 meter
Mode:     SSB
Categories: Single operator;
multi operator, single transmitter;
Exchange: RST + serial number.
Points: 3 points per QSO with Latin-americans, 1 point with non-Latin-Americans.
Multipliers: Non-Latin-Americans use the following list:
CE   CO   CP   CR   CT   CX   C3   C9   DU   EA   HC   HI   HK   HP   HR   HT  KP4  LU   OA   PY  TG  TI  XE  XX9  YS  YV  ZP 3C.
Final score: : Total QSO points from all bands times the sum of the multipliers from all bands.
Awards: the highest scorers in each DXCC country.
LOG: Concurso Iberoamericano
                  c/o Concepcion Arenal 5
                  08027 Barcelona

RSGB 21/28 MHz Contest

Sponsor: RSGB
Date: SSB    First Sunday in October
CW     Second Sunday in October
07.00  -  19.00 UTC.
Bands: 15 and 10 meter
Mode:     CW, SSB
Categories: Single operator;
QRP, maximum 10 watts output ( CW only);
Exchange: RST plus serial number. G stations will also send code for county.
Points: 3 points per QSO with G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW.
Multipliers: 1 multiplier per county per band.
Final score: SSB:  QSO points times multipliers on 10 meters PLUS QSO points times multipliers on 15 meters.
CW:   Total QSO points times total multipliers.
LOG: RSGB HF Contest Committee
c/o G3UFY,  77 Benham Manor Road
Thornton Heath
Surrey  CR7 7AF

YLRL Anniversary Party

Sponsor: YLRL
Date: CW:   Second week in October
SSB:  Fourth week in October.
Wednesday  14.00 - Friday  02.00 UTC
Bands:    3,5 - 28 MHz
Mode:     CW, SSB
Categories: Single operator YL.
Exchange: QSO number, RST, and QTH; US state, VE province, or DX country.
Points: DX YLs score 2 points for QSOs with the US and Canada and with other continents, but 1 point with stations in own continent.
Final score: Multiply total QSO points from all bands by the sum of states, provinces, and DX countries worked. There is a low-power bonus multiplier of 1.5 for stations using 100 watts or less on CW and 200 watts PEP of SSB.
Awards: winning scores in each DX country.
LOG:       Carla Watson,  WO6X
                 YLRL Contest Logs
                 473 Palo Verde Drive
                 Ca  94086

Pennsylvania QSO Party

Sponsor: Nittany Amateur Radio Club of State College, Pennsylvania.
Date: Second weekend in October.
Saturday  16.00   -   Sunday  05.00 UTC  and
Sunday    13.00   -   Sunday  22.00 UTC.
Bands:    1,8 - 28 MHz
Mode:     CW, SSB
Categories: Single operator - Low power (150 watts), High power, QRP;
Multi operator, single transmitter;
Multi operator, multi transmitter;
Exchange: QSO number and county (PA stations), DXCC country for others.
Points: One point for SSB/FM contacts. 1.5 points for CW, 2 points on 80 and 160 meters.
Multipliers: PA counties (maximum of 67).
Final score: Total QSO points times total multipliers. QRP stations multiply their score by 2.
LOG:  Douglas Maddox,  W3HDH
                  Nittany Amateur Radio Club
                  RD #1
                  Box 760
                  PA  16669

Кубок Азовского моря

Sponsor: радиоклуб “Альбатрос”, г.Бердянск; радиоклуб “73!”, г.Мелитополь
Date:    17 октября 1998; Суб 0000 - 0400 киевского времени
Bands:    160 - 80m
Mode:    SSB
Categories: SO SB;
Exchange: RS+ QSO number
Points: QSO - 2очка; новый корреспондент - 8 очков. Повторные QSO разрешены на разных диапазонах и в каждом получасе.
Final score: Сумма очков.
Awards: Хрустальный Кубок, призы, дипломы.
LOG:  Украина, 332311,
г.Мелитополь - 11, а/я 30,
радиоклуб “73!”


Sponsor: JARTS (President: JA1ACB)
Date: third full weekend in October,
0000 UTC Saturday - 2400 UTC Sunday.
Bands:    80 - 10m
Mode:     RTTY
Categories: A) Single Operator, All Band;
B) Multi-Operator, All Band, (Multi TX Permitted);
Exchange: RST + Operator's age (00 acceptable for YL and XYL). Multi-op stations must send 99 as operator age.
Points: Two (2) points for QSO within your own continent. Three (3) points for QSO outside your own continent.
Multipliers: A: Each DXCC country except JA/W/VE/VK Mainland;
B: Each call area in JA/W/VE/VK.
Final score: Total QSO points x total multipliers.
Awards: top winner in all classes.
LOG: JARTS Contest Manager, Hiroshi Aihara, JH1BIH
1-29 Honcho
4 Shiki Saitama 353

Sponsor: QRP ARC International
Date: Third weekend in October.
Saturday  12.00   -   Sunday  24.00 UTC.
Bands: 6 - 160 meter
Mode: CW
Categories: Single operator, single band;
Single operator, all band;
Single operator, high band (20-6m);
Single operator, low band (40-160m).
Exchange: RST + state/province/DXCC country + output power. ARCI-members give membership number.
Points: QSOs with ARCI-members count 5 points, with own continent 2 points, with other continent 4 points.
Multipliers: Each worked DXCC-country and W/VE/VK province counts one multiplier, multiplied by 7 when power output is less than 5 Watts, by 10 when power output is less than 1 watt, and by 15 when power output is less than 250mW.
Final score: Total QSO-points times total multipliers.
LOG: QRP ARCI Contest Manager
                  Cam Hartford, N6GA
                  1959 Bridgeport Ave
                  CA  91711

Worked All Germany Contest

Sponsor: DARC
Date: Third full weekend in October.
Saturday  15.00   -   Sunday  15.00 UTC.
Bands: 10 - 80 meter
Mode: CW, SSB
Categories: a) Single operator, all bands - CW
b) Single operator, all bands - CW + SSB
c) Single operator, all bands - CW + SSB - QRP (max 5 Watt Output)
d) Multi operator, single transmitter
e) SWL.
Exchange: Non-German stations: RS/RST + serial number. German stations: RS/RST + DOK (local area code). A contest QSO can only be established between non-German and German stations.
Points:  QSO - 3 points.
Multipliers: the number of German districts (maximum of 26) worked on each band regardsless of mode. From special DOKs (two or more letter/figure combinations) the first letter counts only.
Final score: multiply the total number of  QSO points by the sum of multipliers from all bands.
Awards: the highest scorer of the different classifications in each country.
LOG: Klaus Voigt,  DL1DTL
                   P.O.Box 12 09 37
                   D-01010 Dresden

Illinois QSO Party

Sponsor: The Radio Amateur Megacycle Society.
Date: Third weekend in October.
Sunday  18.00   -   Monday  02.00 UTC.
Bands:    80, 40, 20 m
Mode:     CW, SSB
Exchange: RS(T) and QTH. County for IL stations, country for others.
Points: One point for SSB contacts, 2 points on CW.
Multipliers: : IL counties (maximum of 102).
Final score: Total QSO points times total multipliers.
                     c/o John Matz,  KB9II
                     7079 West Ave.
                     Hanover Park
                     IL  60103

CQ World Wide DX Contest

Sponsor: CQ Magazine
Date:    SSB: October 24, 0000 UTC - October 25, 2400 UTC, 1998
CW: November 28, 0000 UTC - November 29, 2400 UTC, 1998
Bands:  1,8 - 28 MHz
Mode:     CW, SSB
Categories: A. Single Operator Categories: single band or all band;
         1. Single Operator High.
         2. Single Operator Low.
         3. Single Operator QRPp.
         4. Single Operator Assisted.
B. Multi-Operator Categories (all band operation only).
         1. Single Transmitter
         2. Multi-Transmitter
C. Team Contesting. A list of a team's members must be received at CQ Headquarters by the time the contest begins.
Exchange: RS(T) + CQ zone.
Points: 1. Contacts between stations on different continents are worth three (3) points.
2. Contacts between stations on the same continent but different countries, one(1) point.
3. Contacts between stations in the same country are permitted for zone or country multiplier credit but have zero (0) point value.
Multipliers: 1. A multiplier of one (1) for each different zone contacted on each band.
2. A multipier of one (1) for each different country contacted on each band.
Final score: the result of the total QSO points multiplied by the sum of your zone and country multiplier.
Awards: in each category in every participating country.
LOG: CQ Magazine,
76 North Broadway,
Hicksville, NY 11801
E-mail: [email protected]