Sponsor: AGCW-DL
Date: 1st day in May, 13.00 - 19.00 UTC
Bands:    80 - 40m
Mode: CW
Categories: A - Max 5W output.
B - Max 10W output.
C - SWL.
Exchange: Exchange RST + serial number + category (A or B).
Points: Every QSO with a station of your own country counts one, with a station of another country two points. Double scoring for QSOs with category A stations.
Multipliers: Each DXCC-country counts 1 multiplier per band.
Final score: QSO points 80m times multipliers 80m plus QSO points 40m times multipliers 40m.
LOG: Antonius Recker, DL1YEX
Hegerskamp 15
D-48147 Munster

Ten-Ten International QSO Party

Sponsor: Ten-Ten International Net
Date: Winter SSB: 0000 UTC Feb 7 - 2400 UTC Feb 8, 1998
Spring CW: 0000 UTC May 2 - 2400 UTC May 3, 1998
Bands:    10m
Mode:     CW, SSB
Categories: Single Operator
Exchange: RST +  name + state/country + membership number.
Points: 1 point for each QSO with not-members; 2 points for QSOs with TenTen-members.
Final score: Sum of QSO-points (no multipliers).
LOG: Trotters and Pacers Chapter,
c/o John Raczek, K2HLC,
22 Lake Ave,
Eatontown, NJ 07724,

Texas QSO Party

Sponsor: Texas DX Society.
Date: First weekend in May, Saturday  14.00   -   Sunday 22.00 UTC.
Bands:    1,8 - 28 MHz, VHF
Mode:     CW, SSB
Categories: I. Single Operator, fixed station:
II. Multi Operator-Single Transmitter, fixed.
Exchange: RST+QSO number.
Points: 2 points per QSO on phone and 3 points per QSO on CW.
Multipliers: Texas counties.
Final score: The total score is the number of QSO points times the total number of multipliers.
                   Box 540291
                   TX  77254-0291
E-mail: [email protected]


Sponsor: Candlewood ARA
Date: First weekend in May, Saturday 20.00 - Sunday  04.00 UTC and Sunday 12.00 - Sunday 20.00 UTC.
Bands:    1,8 - 28 MHz, VHF
Categories: Single operator, fixed/mobile, Novice, QRP(5W), Multi-single
Exchange: report and state/province/DXCC country.
Points: Score one point per phone, RTTY QSO and two points per CW QSO. QSOs with club station W1QI and ARRL HQ station W1AW count 5 points.
Multipliers: Connecticut counties worked.
Awards: Plaques and certificates (100 point minimum). Special certificate for working all 8 Connecticut counties.
P.O.Box 3441
CT 06813-3441

Massachusetts QSO Party

Sponsor: FARA
Date: The first full weekend in May. From 1800 on Saturday to 0400 UTC Sunday, and from 1100 to 2100 UTC Sunday (20 hours total).
Bands: 1,8 - 28 MHz, VHF
Categories: Massachusetts and Non-Massachusetts Stations.
Exchange: 1. Massachusetts stations send signal report and county;
2. Non-Massachusetts stations send signal report and US State, Canadian Province or DXCC country.
Points: One point per Phone QSO, two points per non-phone QSO.
Multipliers: Total number of Massachusetts counties worked on each band (maximum 14 per band). Washington DC contacts shall be counted as a Maryland QSO.
Final score: Total QSO Points multiplied by the sum total of all multipliers worked.
Awards: Certificates will be awarded to entrants working all 14 Massachusetts counties
LOG: Massachusetts QSO Party
c/o Framingham Amateur Radio Association
PO Box 3005
Framingham  MA  01701
E-mail: [email protected]

ARI International DX Contest

Sponsor: ARI
Date: First weekend in May, Saturday 20.00 - Sunday 20.00 UTC.
Bands:    10 - 160m
Mode:     CW, SSB, RTTY
Categories: Single operator CW;
Single operator SSB ;
Single operator RTTY;
Single operator Mixed;
Multi operator, single transmitter, Mixed mode;
SWL Mixed.
Exchange: Italians send RST + two letters (province). Others send RST + serial number.
Points: QSO with own country counts 0 (zero) points; QSO with own continent counts 1 (one) point; QSO with different continent counts 3 (three) points; QSO with any Italian (I & IS0) station counts 10 (ten) points.
Multipliers: Each Italian province (103) count 1 (one) multiplier, each DXCC country (except I & IS0) count 1 (one) multiplier.
Final score: sum of QSO points times the sum of multipliers.
Awards: top scoring station in each class.
LOG: ARI Contest Manager
Paolo Cortese, I2UIY
P.O.Box 14
27043 Broni (PV)

Oregon QSO Party

Sponsor: Central Oregon DX Club
Date: Second weekend in May, Saturday 00.00 - Sunday 24.00 UTC.
Bands: 10 - 160m
Mode: CW, SSB
Categories: Single operator;
Multi operator, single transmitter ;
Exchange: RS(T) plus DXCC country. Oregon stations send RS(T) plus county.
Points: Count 1 point per phone QSO, and 2 points per CW QSO. Add 25 bonus points for working both Deschutes and Jefferson counties.
Multipliers: 1 multiplier per Oregon county worked (max. 36).
Awards: depends on number of entries.
LOG: Oregon QSO Party
c/o Ron Smith, K9QAM
23083 Maverick Ln
OR 97701

Nevada QSO Party

Sponsor: Frontier Amateur Radio Society.
Date: Second weekend in May,

Saturday  00.00   -   Sunday  06.00 UTC.
Bands: 160 - 6 meters.
Mode: CW, SSB, SSTV, RTTY, Packet.
Exchange: RS(T) and county for NV stations, RS(T) and state/province/country for others.
Points: Count 1 point for phone QSO, 2 points for contacts via other modes.
Multipliers: NV counties
Final score: Total QSO points times total multipliers.
LOG:         Jim Frye,  NW7O
                   4120 Oakhill Ave
                   Las Vegas
                   NV  89121


Sponsor: A.R.I.
Date: Second weekend in May, Saturday  12.00  -  Sunday 12.00 UTC.
Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10m.
Mode: RTTY
Categories: A1 - Single op, all bands;
A2/xx - Single op, single band (xx = band);
B - Multi-op, single transmitter;
C - SWL.
Exchange: RST + QSO nr. + CQ Zone nr.
Multipliers: DXCC Country List + each call area in VK, ZL, JA, VE, and USA.
Final score: Total QSO points x total mults (band mults + each INTERCONTINENTAL COUNTRY worked on 4 bands) x total number of QSOs.
Awards: top stations in each class.
LOG: Francesco de Michele, I2DMI
                 P.O.Box 55
                 I-22063 Cantu


Sponsor: FISTS International CW Club.
Date: FISTS Spring Sprint: Second weekend in May.
FISTS Fall Sprint:   Second weekend in October.
Sunday  17.00   -   Sunday  21.00 UTC.
Bands:    3,5 - 28 MHz.
Mode: CW
Exchange: Name, state/province/DXCC country, and FISTS number if member (nonmember sends power output).
Points: Count 5 points per QSO with FISTS member, and 2 points per QSO with nonmember.
Multipliers: Count one multiplier per state/province/DXCC country.
LOG:        Peter Kozup,  K8OUA
                  5115 N Park Ave
                  OH  44481

Georgia QSO Party

Sponsor: GARC
Date: Second weekend in May, Saturday  18.00   -   Sunday  20.00 UTC.
Bands:    3,5 - 28 MHz
Mode:     CW, SSB
Categories: Mobile, fixed, portable, CW and phone, single and multi operator and multi-multi operations are permitted.
Exchange: GA stations send county and signal reprot. All others send signal report and QTH (state, province, or country).
Points: SSB  QSO - 2 points and CW contacts - 4 points (valid are GA QSOs only).
Multipliers: GA counties (max 159).
Final score: Total QSO points times total multipliers.
LOG:        Sandy Walker, III , WB4EVH
                      411 Wilson Drive
                      GA  31028

CQM International DX Contest

Sponsor: The Krenkel Central Radio Club of Russian Federation
Date: 9th May 21.00 UTC - 21.00 UTC 10th May, 1998.
Bands: 1.8 - 28 MHz and satellites
Categories: A Single operator - Single band:
A1 CW only
A2 SSB only
A3 Mixed (CW and SSB)
A4 Satellites
B Single operator - Multiple bands:
B1 CW only
B2 SSB only
B3 Mixed (CW and SSB)
B4 QRP - Mixed (CW and SSB), output power limit is 5 Watts
C Multiple operators: Multi-band, single transmitter, mixed (CW and SSB)
D SWL: Multi-band, mixed (CW and SSB)
E World War 2 veteran: Single operator, multi-band, mixed (CW and SSB)
F SSTV: Single or multi-operator, multi-band, SSTV only
Exchange: RS(T) or RSV, and QSO serial number
Points: QSO with own "P-150-C" country, 1 point. QSO with another "P-150-C" country, in the same continent, 2 points. QSO with other continent, 3 points.
Multipliers: Each country in the "P-150-C" award country list counts as a multiplier only once on each band.
Final score: The final score is a sum of QSO points on all bands, multiplied by a sum of multipliers on all bands.
Awards: top scoring stations
LOG: CQ-M Contest Committee,
Krenkel Central Radio Club of Russia,
P.O.Box 88,
Moscow, Russia,
E-mail: [email protected]

Baltic Contest

Sponsor: The Lithuanian Radio Sports Federation
Date: Third weekend in May, from 21.00 UTC Saturday to 02.00 UTC Sunday.
Bands:    80m
Mode:  CW, SSB
Categories: A - single operator, CW/SSB
            B - single operator, CW
            C - single operator, SSB
            D - multi operator, single TX
            E - SWL.
Exchange: RS(T) and serial number. Each station may be worked once in SSB and once in CW.
Points: each QSO with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - one point.
Final score: The sum of QSO points (no multiplier, no duplicate QSO).
Awards: the leading stations of each section for every country.
LOG:  P.O.Box 210
LT 3000 Kaunas
E-mail: [email protected]