IARU Region 1 Fieldday

Sponsor: IARU
Date: CW  - First full weekend in June.
SSB - First full weekend in September.
Saturday  13.00   -   Sunday  13.00 UTC.
Bands: 10-160 meter
Mode: CW
Categories: Restricted class, single operator, multi band;
Restricted class, multioperator, multi band;
Open class, single operator - QRP;
Multioperator, single transmitter, low power;
Multioperator, single transmitter, high power.
Exchange: RST + serial number.
Points: QSOs with European fixed stations count 2 points, with non-european 3 points. QSOs with portable stations in Europe count 4 points, in DX 6 points.
Multipliers: Each DXCC- and WAE country counts 1 multiplier per band.
Final score: Total QSO-points times total multipliers.
LOG:   30 .

Portugal Day Contest

Sponsor: REP
Date: Second saturday in June, 00.00 UTC - 24.00 UTC.
Bands: 80-10 meters
Mode: SSB
Categories: Single operator, all band.
Exchange: Portugese stations send signal report and their District/Region. All others:  RS + serial number.
Points: QSOs with non-Portugese stations are worth 3 points. Contacts with Portugese stations sre worth 6 points.
Multipliers: You may take multiplier credit for each Portugese District and DXCC country you work. Contacts within own DXCC country only count for multiplier credit.
Final score: all bands times the sum of all multipliers.
Awards: top five world-high scorers. A participation award - to any station working 25 or more Portugese and/or Spanish stations.
LOG:  REP Award/Contest Manager
                 P.O.Box 2483
                 1112 Lisboa Codex

ANARTS WW RTTY/Digital Contest
Sponsor: Australian National Amateur Radio Teleprinter Society
Date: Second full weekend in June 1998,
Sat 13th 0000 - Sun 14th 2400 UTC
Bands: 80-10 meters
Categories: (A) Single Operator,one transmitter (operating time - 30h).
(B) Multi Operator, one transmitter.
(C) SWL (operating time - 30h).
Exchange: RST, CQ Zone and Time (UTC).
Points: Use "Revised 1994 Exchange Points Table" to determine QSO points.
Multipliers: Each ARRL DXCC Country and each call district of VK (1-8), JA, VE, and W count as separate countries on each band. Each continent counts only ONCE,as an additional multiplier. Maximum of six. VK (1-8),JA,VE and W mainland do NOT count as multipliers. Contact with ones own country counts for QSO points but NOT as a Multiplier.
Final score: Total QSO points x total multipliers x number of continents
worked (max. 6).
Awards: first in the world in each class.
LOG:    Contest Manager, VK2BQS
              Jim Swan
              P.O. Box 93
              TOONGABBIE, N.S.W. 2146


Sponsor: Top Of  Europe Contesters (TOEC)
Date: CW:   4th weekend in August.
            SSB:  2nd weekend in June
Saturday  12.00   -   Sunday  12.00 UTC
Bands:    160 - 10m
Mode:     SSB, CW
Categories: 1) Single Operator. Packet Cluster is not allowed. Stations using packet is regarded as multi-operator.
             a) All band
             b) Single band
             c) Low power, only all band. Maximum output power 100 W.
            2) Multi Operator. Only all band.
             a) Single Transmitter.
             b) Multi Transmitter.
            3) Mobile stations. Only single op all band.
Exchange: RST + grid identifier according to the Maidenhead system.
Points: Fixed stations: QSO with stations outside your continent gives 3 points. QSO with own continent (including QSO with same country) gives 1 point. QSO with mobile stations gives 3 points, regardless of QTH.
Mobile stations: All QSO's gives 3 points.
Multipliers: Each field (ie JP, KO, EM etc) worked gives 1 multiplier per band.
Final score: Multiply the total QSO point score with the number of fields worked on all bands.
Awards: The winner in each country.
Box 2063
S-831 02 Ostersund
E-mail: [email protected]

World Wide South America CW Contest

Date: second full weekend in June, Saturday 1200 UTC - Sunday 1800 UTC.
Bands: 3.5 - 7 - 14 - 21 - 28 MHz.
Mode:     CW
Categories: 1) Single operator/Single band (SOPSB)
2) Single operator/Multi band (SOPMB)
3) Single operator QRP (maximum 10W input)/Multi Band (QRPMB).
Exchange: : RST and continent (2 letter: AF, AS, EU, NA, OC, SA); if QRP station, add /QRP.
Points: QSO with South America station 10 points; QSO with non SA station (including own continent and country) 2 points.
Multipliers: 2 multiplier points for every different prefix worked with SA stations.
Final score: the sum of all QSO points multiplied by the sum of different multipliers in same band.
Awards: the top scorer of every category in every continent.
LOG:  WWSA Contest Committee
                        P.O.Box 282
                        20001-970 Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Cervantes Contest

Sponsor: URE.
Date: Second full weekend in June, Saturday  12.00   -   Sunday  22.00 UTC.
Bands: 10-80 meter
Mode: SSB.
Categories: Single operator;
Exchange: RS + serial number.
Points: QSOs with EA-stations count 1 point. QSOs with ED or EF stations in Alcal  (birthplace of Cervantes, the guy with the windmills) count 2 points.
Multipliers: Each worked DXCC-country and EA-call area counts 1 multiplier per band.
Final score: Total QSO-points times total multipliers.
P.O.Box 201
28880 Alcala de Henares (Madrid) Spain

West Virginia QSO Party

Sponsor: West Virginia State Amateur Radio Council.
Date: Third Sunday in June. Sunday 18.00 - Sunday 24.00 UTC
Bands:    160 - 10m
Mode:     CW, SSB
Exchange: WV stations exchange signal report and county; all others signal report and state/province/DXCC country.
Points: one point per phone and two points per CW QSO. 25 bonus points (one time only) for working W8WVA the WV State ARC station.
Multipliers: WV counties (total 55).
Final score: QSO points X WV counties worked. Add bonus points after all other calculations.
LOG: WVQP, Dave Ellis, WA8WV, 610 Hillsdale Drive, Charleston, WV 25302.
E-mail: [email protected]

All Asian DX Contest

Sponsor: JARL
Date: (1) CW : from 0000 UTC the third Saturday of June to 2400 UTC next day.
         (2) SSB : from 0000UTC the first Saturday of September to 2400 UTC next day.
Bands: 160 - 10m
Mode: CW, SSB
Categories: (1) Single operator, 1.9MHz band (CW only)
 (2) Single operator, 3.5MHz band
(3) Single operator, 7MHz band
(4) Single operator, 14MHz band
(5) Single operator, 21MHz band
(6) Single operator, 28MHz band
 (7) Single operator, Multi band
 (8) Multioperator, Multi band.
Exchange: RS(T)+age
Points: QSO valid between Asian and non-Asian stations only.
1.9 MHz band............. 3 points
3.5 MHz band............. 2 points
Other bands.............. 1 point.
Multipliers: The number of different Asian Prefixes worked on each band.
Final score: (The total of the contact points on each band) x (The total of the multipliers on each band).
Awards: the highest score in each entry              number of participants from each country.
LOG:  JARL, All Asia DX Contest
P.O.Box 377
Tokyo Central

RSGB 1.8 MHz Contest

Date:  June 20, Saturday  21.00   -   June 21, Sunday 01.00 UTC, 1998.
Bands: 160 meter.
Mode: CW.
Categories: Single operator.
Exchange: RST + serial number UK-stations send RST + county code (3 letters)
Points: Count 3 points per QSO with UK stations, plus 5 bonus points per UK-county worked.
LOG:         Steve Knowles, G3UFY
                          77 Bensham Manor Road
                          Thornton Heath
                          Surrey, CR7 7AF

SP QRP Contest

Sponsor: SP-QRP Club.
Date: Last full weekend in June, Saturday  12.00   -   Sunday  12.00 UTC.
Bands: 10-80 meter
Mode: CW
Categories: VLP (max 1 Watt);
QRP (max 5 watts);
LP (more than 5 watts);
QRO (more than 100 watts).
Exchange: RST + serial number + entry class
Points: VLP - VLP counts 6 points
         VLP - QRP counts 6 points
         VLP - LP  counts 5 points
         VLP - QRO counts 4 points
         QRP - QRP counts 4 points
         QRP - LP  counts 3 points
         QRP - QRO counts 3 points
         LP  - LP  counts 2 points
         QRO - QRO counts 0 points.
Multipliers: Each DXCC-country counts 2 multipliers per band with stations in the classes VLP/LP/QRP, else 1 multiplier per DXCC-country and band.
Final score: Total QSO points times total multipliers.
LOG:          Karol Cierpial, SP5YQ
                     G. Morcina 2m2
                     01-496 Warsaw

Marconi Memorial Contest

Sponsor: ARI sez.di Fano
Date: Every IV full weekend of June, 1400 Utc Saturday - 1400 Utc Sunday.
Bands: 10 - 160m
Mode: CW
Categories: 1)Single Operator
? L) Low power (max 100W out)
? Q) Qrp (max 5 watts out).
 2)Multi Operator.
Exchange: RST + serial number
Points: Each QSO count 1
Multipliers: DXCC countries
Final score: The sum of Qso/Points from all bands multiplied by the sum of multipliers from all bands.
Awards: top scoring station in each class and subclass.
LOG: ARI sez.di Fano
POBox 35
61032 FANO (PS)
Internet: http://www.publi.it/ham/marconi

ARRL Field Day

Field Day is opened competitively to all amateurs in the ARRL/RAC Field Organization (plus Yukon and NWT). Foreign stations bay be contacted for credit, but are not eligible to compete.

Sponsor: ARRL
Date: Third weekend in June, 1800 UTC Saturday - 2100 UTC Sunday.
Bands:    160 - 80m
Mode:     CW, SSB, Digital
Exchange: RS(T) + QTH
225 Main St
Newington, CT 06111-1494
E-mail: [email protected]