RAC Canada Day Contest

Sponsor: Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)
Date: 0000 UTC to 2359 UTC July 1.
Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6 and 2 metres
Mode:  CW, SSB
Categories: Single Operator All Bands;
Single Operator Low Power (max. 100w output);
Single Operator QRP (max. 5 W output);
Single Operator Single Band;
Exchange: Stations in Canada send RS(T) and province or territory. Stations outside Canada send RS(T) and a serial number.
Points: Contacts with stations in Canada or VEs are worth 10 points. Contacts with stations outside Canada are worth 2 points. Contacts with RAC official stations are worth 20 points. RAC official stations are: VA2RAC, VA3RAC, VE1RAC, VE4RAC, VE5RAC, VE6RAC, VE7RAC, VE8RAC, VE9RAC, VO1RAC, VO2RAC, VY1RAC and VY2RAC.
Multipliers: Canada's 10 provinces and two territories.
Final score: ScoreTotal your QSO points from all bands, and multiply by the total multiplier points from all bands.
Awards: top scoring entrants in each category.
LOG:  Radio Amateurs of Canada
720 Belfast Road, Suite 217
Ottawa Ontario Canada
K1G 0Z5

Sponsor: ;
Date:    4-5 1998; 1700 - 1700
Bands:    144,  432, 1296
Mode:    SSB, CW
Categories: A) SO SB;
) MO SB;
) SO MB;
Exchange: RS(T)+ QSO number+QTH loc
Points: 2, 8, 20 .
Final score: .
Awards: .
LOG:  , 252010,
. - 10, / 99,

Venezuelan Independence Day Contest

Sponsor: Radio Club Venezolano
Date:    SSB: July 4, Sat 0000 - July 5, Sun 2400 UTC
CW: July 25, Sat 0000 - July 26, Sun 2400 UTC
Bands:    10 - 160m
Mode:     CW, SSB
Categories: single operator, single and all bands, and multi operator single and multi transmitter.
Exchange: (RST) report plus QSO number.
Points: Contacts between stations in the same country one (1) point, contacts between stations on the same continent but different countries, three (3) points and contacts between stations on different continents are worth five (5) points.
Multipliers: One (1) for each YV call area contacted on each band, and one (1) for each different country contacted on each band (included own).
Final score: Total QSO points from all bands, multiplied by the sum of the multipliers from each band.
Awards: A plaque to the highest scorer in each class and certificates to stations working more than 20 per cent of a score reached by the winner in the same class
P.O. Box 2285-Caracas 1010-A

Original - QRP - Contest

Sponsor: The QRP-Contest-Community (qrpcc)
Date: Summer: 1st weekend in July.
Winter: 1st weekend after Christmas.
Saturday 1500 UTC - Sunday 1500 UTC.
Bands:    80, 40, 20 m
Mode:     CW
Categories: V L P (1W out or 2W in);
Q R P (5W out or 10W in);
M P (20W out or 40W in).
Exchange: RST, serial-no./category.
Points: 4 points for a QSO with another contest station whose log has come in. All other QSO count 1 point.
Multipliers: 2 multiplier points for each DXCC-country from a QSO with a station whose log has come in. Otherwise each DXCC-country counts 1 multiplier point per band.
Final score: Sum of QSO-points multiplied by the sum of multiplier-points.
LOG: Dr. Hartmut Weber, DJ7ST
Schlesierweg 13
D-38228 Salzgitter

DIE Contest

Sponsor: S.T.C. URE in Pedreguer (Alicante).
Date: First Sunday in July, 05.00 - 13.00 UTC.
Bands:    80 - 10m
Mode: SSB, CW, RTTY.
Categories: A - Sea-islands, single operator;
B - Sea-islands, multi-operator;
C - Inland islands, single operator;
D - Inland islands, multi-operator;
E - Islands residents (including operators in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera, La Cartuja y LA isla de Leon);
F - Residents EA8;
G - Islands from Portugal (DIP);
H - General EA (all non-islands operators from EA, CT and C3);
I - General, rest of the world;
J - Novice (from Spain only EC stations);
K - SWL's.
Exchange: Islands: 59+DIEI or DIE or DIPReference Number. General: 59+QSO number.
Points: Islands: Credit 2 points for each contact in 80-40 meter bands. Credit 1 point for each contact in 10-15-20 meter. General: Credit 2 points for each contact with a DIE or DIEI or DIP Island with Reference Number in 80-40 meter. Credit 1 point for each contact with a DIE or DIEI or DIP Island with Reference Number in 10-15-20 meter.
Awards: Plaques to the winning station in each Class.
LOG:  DIE Contest
                   P.O.Box 194 Pedreguer

IARU HF World Championship

Sponsor: IARU
Date: Second full weekend of July, 1200 UTC Saturday- 1200 UTC Sunday.
Bands:    10 - 160 m
Mode:     SSB, CW
Categories: A) Single operator - phone-only, CW-only and mixed-mode.
B) Multioperator - single transmitter, mixed-mode only.
Exchange: RS(T) + ITU Zone.
Points: A) Contacts within your ITU Zone, as well as QSOs with all IARU HQ member-society stations, count 1 point.
B) Contacts within your continent (but different ITU Zone) count 3 points.
C) Contacts with a different continent count 5 points.
Multipliers: Total number of ITU Zones plus IARU member-society HQ stations worked on each frequency band.  NU1AW is an additional IARU multiplier.
Final score: Multipliers times the total number of QSO points.
Awards: high-scoring CW-only, phone-only, mixed-mode and multioperator entrant in each ITU Zone and each DXCC Country.
Box 310905, Newington, CT 06131-0905, USA.
E-mail: [email protected]

RSGB Low Power Field Day

Sponsor: RSGB.
Date: Third Sunday in July, 09.00 - 12.00  and  13.00 - 16.00 UTC.
Bands: 40 and 80 meter.
Mode: CW.
Categories: A - max 10 watts output;
B - max 3 watts output.
Exchange: RST + serial number + output power.
Points: QSO with QRP-portable stations count 15 points, QSOs with QRP-fixed stations count 10 points, QSOs with other stations count 5 points.
Multipliers: No multipliers.
Final score: Sum of QSO-points.
LOG:  Steve Knowles,  G3UFY
                 77 Bensham Manor Rd
                 Thornton Heath
                 Surrey,  CR7 7AF

QRP ARCI Summer Homebrew Sprint

Sponsor: QRP ARC International
Date:    July 12, 2000 - 2400 UTC, 1998
Bands:    6 - 160m
Mode:     CW
Categories: Single operator
- all band
- single band
- high band (20, 15, 10, 6 meter)
- low band (160, 80, 40 meter).
Exchange: Signal report and QTH (state, province, country) and QRP ARCI number, if appropriate, or power output if non-member.
Final score: Credit 5 points for QSOs with any ARCI member, 2 points for non-members (4 points outside your own continent). Bonus points should be applied to your score for using homebrew equipment. Credit 2000 points for a homebrew transmitter, 3000 points for a receiver, and 5000 points for a homemade tranceiver. Final score is the total QSO points times the sum of all states, provinces, and countries worked times the output power multiplier (>5W=1, <5W=7, <1W=10, <250mW=15), plus bonus points.
LOG: QRP ARCI Contest Manager
                    Cam Hartford,  N6GA
                    1959 Bridgeport Ave.
                    Ca  91711

SEANET Contest

Sponsor: SEANET
Date: CW:   Third weekend in July
SSB:  Third weekend in August.
Saturday  00.00   -   Sunday  24.00 UTC.
Bands:    160 - 10m
Mode:     CW, SSB
Categories: Single operator, all band
Single operator, single band
Multi operator, single transmitter.
Exchange: RS(T) plus serial number.
Points: 1 QSO with SEANET country = 1 point. SEANET countries:
A4   A5   A6   A7   A9   AP   BV   BY   DU   EP   HL   HS   JA   JD1  JY   KH2  P29  S2   S79  VK   VQ9  VS6  VU   V8   XU   XV   XW   XX9  YB   ZK   ZL   ZL9  3B6  3B8  3B9  4S7
4X   8Q7  9K2  9M2  9M6  9N   9V
Multipliers: = 3 points each SEANET country.
Final score: total multiplier times QSO points.
LOG: SEANET Contest Manager
                Eshee Pazak,  9M2FK
                P.O.Box 13
                10700 Penang

South Pacific 160m Contest

Sponsor: ZL1AAS
Date: Third weekend in July, 05.00 - 2330  UTC
Bands: 160 m
Mode:     CW, SSB
Categories: SSB, CW, and SWL (all single operator).
Exchange: RS(T) plus serial number.
Points: 5 points per QSO for VK, ZL, P2.
Multipliers: number of VK, ZL and P2 call areas worked
Final score: the total QSO points times the multipliers.
Awards: the top scoring stations in each DXCC country.
LOG:  Ian Godsil, VK3DID
25 Monaco Street
Victoria, 3194

North American RTTY QSO Party

Sponsor: National Contest Journal (NCJ)
Date: Third full weekend in July, Sat 1800 UTC - Sun 0600 UTC
Bands:    80 - 10m
Mode:     RTTY
Categories: Single Operator, unassisted, 150 watts maximum output.
Multi-operator, two transmitters, 150 watts maximum output.
Exchange: RST + operator name + station location
Points: One point for each valid contact. Non North American stations can only work N.A. stations for multiplier and points credit.
Multipliers: Multipliers US states, including KH6 and KL7, Canadian Provinces and other North American countries.
Final score: Multiply total valid contacts by the total number of multipliers worked on each band.
Awards: for the highest score in each category:
LOG: Ron Stailey,K5DJ
504 Dove Haven Dr.,
Round Rock, Tx 78664-5926.
E-mail: [email protected]


Date: July 19 of 1998, 00:00 UTC Sunday - 24:00 UTC Sunday.
Bands:    80 - 10m
Mode:     SSB, CW, RTTY
Categories: "A" Single Operator - Single Band;
"B" Single Operator - Multiband;
"C" MultiOperator - Multiband - One Transmitter;
"D" MultiOperator - Multiband - MultiTransmitter.
Exchange: RS(T) + serial number
Points: (1) One point own Continent.
(3) Three points other Continents.
(5) Five points Colombian stations contacts.
(0) Zero points own country but valid as multiplier.
Multipliers: DXCC countries on each band including HK, and number of HK zones: HJ1/ HK1 to HJ0/HK0 ( ten (10) zones) worked count multiplier 1. HJ0/HK0 zones counts either as DXCC country and as Colombian Zone ( two (2) multipliers).
Final score: Multiply total QSO points by multipliers obtained all bands, for the final score.
Awards: - "Category "A" Winner" for each mode and band and categories "B", "C" and "D" for each mode. - Diplomas will be awarded to stations who contact at least eighty (80) overall stations in the contest.
The Colombian Independence Day Contest
P.O.Box 584, Santafe de Bogota
Colombia. South America.

Sponsor: KCRC, USTU
Date: Last full weekend in July, 25-26 July,1998 0000 to 2400 UTC
Bands:    80 - 10m
Mode: RTTY
Categories: A. Single Operator,All Band.
B. Single Operator,Single Band.
C. Multi-Operator,All Band.
(SO: Operating time - 36h.)
Exchange: RST + CQ ZONE.                        Russian stations send:RST + 2 letters to identify their oblast.
Points: Count 5 points for QSOs with your own continent. Count 10 points for QSOs outside your own continent.
Multipliers: Count each DXCC country and each Russian oblast.
Final score: Total QSO points x total multipliers.
P.O.BOX 1200
E-mail: [email protected]

RSGB Islands On The Air Contest

Sponsor: RSGB
Date: 12.00 UTC Saturday - 12.00 UTC Sunday, the last weekend of July.
Bands:    80 - 10m
Mode:     CW, SSB
Categories: (a) Single operator. CW only, SSB only or mixed-mode.
(b) Single operator limited. CW only, SSB only or mixed-mode.
            Operation is limited to 12 hours, and contacts on any THREE bands count for points.
(c) Multi-operator single transmitter, mixed mode.
Exchange: RS(T) + serial number + IOTA reference number if applicable.
Points: Each contact with an IOTA island counts 15 points. Other contacts count 5 points, except contacts with the entrant's own country or own IOTA reference, which count 2 points.
Multipliers: The multiplier is the total of different IOTA references contacted on each band on CW, plus the total of different IOTA references contacted on each band on SSB.
Final score: The score is the total of QSO points on all bands added together, multiplied by the total of multipliers.
Awards: leading stations in each category and in each continent.
                    c/o Steve Knowles,  G3UFY
                    77 Bensham Manor Road
                    Thormton Heath
                    Surrey,  CR7 7AF