HA-QRP Contest

Sponsor: Radiotechnika Magazine.
Date: First 7 Days in November.
00.00  -  24.00 UTC
Bands: 80 meter.
Mode: CW.
Categories: Single operator. Maximum output power is 10 watts.
Exchange: RST + QTH + name.
Points: QSOs within the same country count 1 point, with other country 2 points.
Multipliers: Each worked DXCC-country.
Final score: Total QSO-points times total multipliers.
LOG: Radiotechnika Szerkesztosge
                  Pf 603
                  H-1374 Budapest

WAE RTTY Contest

Sponsor: Deutscher ARC
Date: Second full weekend in November,
Saturday 0000 UTC - Sunday 2400 UTC
Bands:  80 - 10 m
Mode: RTTY
Categories: a) Single op, all bands (operating time 36h).
b) Multi-op, Single transmitter.
c) SWL
Exchange: RST + QSO serial number.
Each QTC (message) will contain: Time, callsign, and QSO number. Example: "QTC:1307/AA5AU/131" means that you worked AA5AU at 1307 UTC and received his serial number 131.
Points: 1 point for each QSO and 1 point for each QTC.
QTC Points: Count 1 point for each QTC reported to any station NOT ON YOUR OWN CONTINENT. Each station may both send and receive QTCs, but the sum of QTCs exchanged between two stations (sent plus received) must not exceed 10.
Multipliers: Each DXCC/WAE country.
Bonus: Each mult on 80M counts as 4 mults;
Each mult on 40M counts as 3 mults;
Each mult on 20/15/10M counts as 2 mults.
Final score: Multiply total number of QSOs + QTCs by total number of multipliers.
Awards: highest scorer of the different classifications in each country.
Durerring 7
P.O. BOX 1126
E-mail: [email protected]


Sponsor: Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association.
Date: Second weekend in November.
Saturday  00.01  -  23.59 UTC.
Bands: 10 - 80 meter
Mode: CW, SSB.
Categories: Single operator, multi band, SWL.
Exchange: RST + serial number + name.
Points: QSO with ALARA-members count 5 points, with YL's 4 points, with OM's 3 points.
Multipliers: No multipliers.
Final score: Sum of QSO-points.
LOG: Marilyn Syme,  VK3DMS
                     Box 91
                     Irymple 3498

OK/OM DX Contest

Sponsor: CZCRC
Date: Second weekend in November.
Saturday  00.00   -   Sunday  24.00 UTC.
Bands: 160 - 10 meter
Mode: CW, SSB.
Categories: Single operator;  SSB, CW, or Mixed mode;
Multi operator; Mixed mode;
Exchange: RST + serial number. OK/OM stations will include their three- letter district code.
Points: 1 points for OK/OM QSOs.
Final score: Multiply total QSO points times the total number of OK/OL/OM prefixes worked per band and mode.
Awards: category winners.
LOG: Karel Karmasin,  OK2FD
                   Gen. Svobody 636
                   674 01 Trebic
                   CZECH REPUBLIC

IPA Radio Club Contest

Sponsor: IPA
Date: First full weekend in November.
CW: Saturday  06.00   -   Sunday  10.00 UTC,
SSB: Sunday    14.00   -   Sunday  18.00 UTC.
Bands: 10 - 80 m
Mode:     CW, SSB
Categories: Single operator, multi band;
            Mutli operator, single transmitter.
Exchange: RST + serial number. IPARC-members give membership number.
Points: Every QSO counts 1 point, QSOs with IPAC-members count 5 points.
Multipliers: Each worked DXCC-country and US-state with at least one worked IPA-member counts 1 point per band.
Final score: QSO points times multipliers per band. Add total per band together to get the final score.
LOG:          Dietmar Czirr,  DF6VX
                     Schenkendorfstrasse 69a
                     D-32427 Minden


Sponsor: Ukrainian Amateur Radio League and Ukrainian Contest Club
Date: first full weekend in November, 12.00 UTC Saturday - 12.00 UTC Sunday.
Bands: 1,8 - 3,5 - 7 - 14 - 21 - 28 Mhz.
Mode: CW, SSB.
Categories: A. Single op. all bands.
B. Single op. single band.
C. Multi op. multi bands single transmitter.
D. Multi op. multi bands multi transmitters.
E. Single op. all bands QRP (5w output).
F. SWL (as category A).
Exchange: RS(T)+serial number. Ukrainian stations will send after RS(T) two letters - the abbreviation of the region.
Points: - QSO with own country counts 1 point;
- QSO with own continent counts 2 points;
- QSO with another continent counts 3 points;
- QSO with Ukraine counts 10 points.
Making QSO with own country for Ukrainian stations is not permited.
Multipliers: The sum of worked (heard) DXCC and WAE countries and Ukrainian regions per band.
Final score: Total QSO points times the total number of multiplier points.
Awards: top scoring station in each country in each category.
LOG: Ukrainian Contest Club HQ
                  P.O.Box 4850
                  Zaporozhye, 330118

DARC 10m Contest

Sponsor: DARC and OV E27.
Date: Second Saturday in November.
13.00  -  15.00   UTC.
Bands: 10 meter.
Mode: CW, SSB.
Categories: Single operator, CW;
            Single operator, mixed mode;
Exchange: RST + serial number. DL-stations send DOK.
Points: 1 point per QSO.
Multipliers: Count 1 multiplier per DXCC-country and each W/VE call area worked. Also count 1 multiplier per DOK worked.
Final score: Total QSO-points times total multipliers.
LOG:          Peter Lehrke
                    Postfach 601501
                    D-22215 Hamburg

Fourth Annual North American Collegiate
Amateur Radio Club Championship

This is the competition between college and university stations in USA and Canada.

Sponsor: ARRL, RAC
Date: CW: first full weekend of November,
SSB: third full weekend of November.
Saturday 2100 UTC - Monday 0300 UTC.
Bands:   160 - 2 m
Mode: CW, SSB
LOG: Robert Barron
P.O. Box 180703
Austin, TX 78718-0703
E-mail: [email protected]

IARU Region-1 160m Contest

Sponsor: IARU
Date: the third full weekend of November, 14:00 UTC Saturday - 08:00 UTC Sunday.
Bands: 160m
Mode: CW
Categories: Single operator (operating time 14h);
Multi operator single tx;
Exchange: RST and a two or three letter/digit DISTRICT CODE (i. e. DOK for DL, Dept. for F, County for G, State for USA, Province for I and VE, Territory for VK, and so on).
Points: One (1) point for each QSO.
Multipliers: One (1) multiplier for each different DISTRICT CODE,
One (1) multiplier for each DXCC/WAE country.
Final score: The sum of QSO Points times the sum of multipliers.
Awards: Plaques for the first 3 stations in the SO category; plaque for the first station in the MOST and SWL categories; certificates for country winners.
LOG: IARU Reg. 1 Contest
c/o ARI Contest Manager
Paolo Cortese I2UIY
P. O. Box 14
I-27043 Broni (PV) Italy
E-mail: [email protected]

ALL-OE-DX-Contest 160m

Sponsor: OVSV
Date: third full weekend in November, from Saturday 18.00 to Sunday 07.00 UTC.
Bands: 160m
Mode: CW
Categories: - single operator;
- multi operator, single transmitter;
- SWL.
Exchange: RST and serial number. Austrian(OE) stations will send RST and a two-letter districtcode.
Points: one point for each QSO.
Multipliers: Each worked Austrian call-area (OE1...9) counts TWO multipliers. Each worked OE-district counts one multiplier. Each worked prefix counts one multiplier.
Final score: sum of valid QSO-points multiply sum of multipliers.
Awards: for the first 3 stations;
for the first station of each continent;
for the first SWL;
for the first stations of each country.
Theresiengasse 11
1180 Vienna

AGCW-DL Homebrew & OldTime Equipment Party

Sponsor: AGCW
Date: Third Sunday in November.
13.00 - 15.00 UTC : 7010 - 7040 kHz
15.00 - 17.00 UTC : 3510 - 3560 kHz.
Bands:   80 - 40m
Mode: CW, maximum input 100 watts.
Categories: A. TX and RX homebrew or older than 25 years.
B. TX or RX homemade or older than 25 years.
C. QRP-TX, not more than 10w/5w in/out and either homemade or older than 25 years.
Exchange: report/serial number/category
Points: A working A        =  3 points
A working C        =  3 points
C working C        =  3 points
B working A        =  2 points
B working C        =  2 points
B working B        =  1 point.
LOG: Lothal Grahle, DL1DXL
August Bebel Str. 15
D-01468 Moritzburg