Today Donetsk is the administrative centre of Donetsk
region of the Ukraine. It is a major industrial,
scientific and cultural centre; an important node of
railway, road and air lines.

Historical Background

Donetsk began as a small Zaporizhzhe Cossack village (winter-abode) late in the 17th century.
Initially, farming and raising cattle were principal industries with the settlement and
adjacent lands being named Oleksandrivka in 1779. By 1820, small scale coal mining began
with annual output of about 7,000 metric tons by the mid-1850's. The local economy further diversified
in 1869 when the New Russia Company was formed to mine coal, smelt iron, produce rails, and operate
a railroad. Skilled workers and technicians were brought from Britain to expand the coal mines and build
a steel mill. A new settlement Yuzivka (Hughesivka - from the company's owner Welshman John Hughes)
was built to house workers. In 1924 the town was renamed Stalino, and finally Donetsk in 1961.

Donetsk city is located in the South-Eastern corner of the Ukraine. It is one of the biggest
industrial cities of the Ukraine. The population of Donetsk is about one million citizens.

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