Some explanations regarding Ukrainian State Symbols.

This is Ukrainian National Flag.
As You can see it consist of two colors bands:
upper is blue and symbolize clear, peaceful blue sky.
Lower is yellow and symbolize the field of ripe wheat.
Thus, everything is very simple - wheaten field
under clear blue sky ...and nothing more.
In former USSR it was strictly prohibited, under a ban, and became
a National State Flag on August of 1991, when Ukraine became
an independent last!

This is the main item of Ukrainian National Arms,
so called "tryzub", in spite of looking like trident,
it does not cause any danger.
If look will be delayed on this pattern it's possible
to catch sight of four stylized cyrillic letters into.
Left "Β" - sounds like "V",
lower centered "O" - sounds like "O",
upper centered "Λ" - sounds like "L"
and right as reflected by mirror "R" - sounds like "YA(IA)".
Thus, the word assembled with these four letters
in listed order sounds like "VOLIA" and means "FREEDOM".
Everything is very simple again.
Absolutely peaceful thing, no any dropping a hint at weapon.