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Andy Nechaevsky
Donetsk, Ukraine
birth  23 apr 1970
operate since 1985
UCWC#304 HSC#1687
licence 1 category

Since 1984 my only hobby and my
favourite language is the HF telegraphy.
I think, CW is shortest way from my mind
to another one and Morse code is only
language, which keep soul of the words.
As the tubes of the Radio begin to warm,
the strange sounds of far away places
coming through the telephones... Dream!
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It's my homebrew antique :-)

Big 14 tube CW/SSB 3-bander
( 40m, 80m and 160m bands ),
high speed HM iambic CW key,
MD-55 microphone (from 1951),
and 3tube HM Power Amplifier
(160-40m, 450W IN, 250W OUT)


photo of [may shack] [cw paddle] [amplifier]

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