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8Q7DV 1998 DXpedition 20 of November - 4 of December 1998.

(My new web page can be found at ua9cdc.narod.ru)

This year there were 9 of us. We have decided to bring more operators and organise 3 working positions.

The ops were: UA9CLB - Vadim, UA9CDV - Oleg, UA9CI -Yuri, UA9CDC - Igor, UA9CKP -Konstantin, UA9CFF - Valery. The support team consisted of RN9CWJ - 1 (IRINA), RN9CWJ -2 (Katia - 3 years old) and RU9CZE - Natalia.

qsl team

The above picture will probably be part of our future QSLcard


The anntennas were:


3El Triband Beam


2 x AP8 multiband verticals (only one shown), 40m quarter wave vertical (almost), and 80-160m inverted Vee. The idea was to use AP8 multiband verticals as mult antennas. In fact that was our best antenna on 80 meters. Oleg managed to reach the rate of 156 on the second day of the contest on 80 meters. EU, USA and JA all were calling at the same time. We wish we had conditions like that in UA9 land...

Experiments with 2 identical AP8 verticals showed the importance of the ground conductivity. Finally we set up all our verticals right in the ocean. That gave us at least 2 S units improvement as compared with any other position inland.

putting up tribander

Here we are putting up the tribander

In the process we found out we are not the only Hams on the island. Second from left is SM5UCZ who came up to us from the other side of the island were he got his 20w transceiver hooked up to 20m dipole and was trying to reach Sweden using 8Q7UC call.

tribander bottom veiw

Finally the tribander is up and ready to go.

But we sure had sometime for other things like

watching beautiful sunset


All together those were wondeful 14 days. We have made over 10.000 contacts on all the bands plus nearly 4.500 qso in the contest. You can search our log by following this link. You can qsl direct via UA9CLB. His address OVSIANNIKOV VADIM UA9CLB P.O. BOX 256, EKATERINBURG 620000, RUSSIA (or via bureau)


Now it is time to go home. We say good-bye to hospitable Sun Island.

Should you be interested in going to Maldives sometime, here is the person to contact:

Mr. Ali Naseer, reservation manager, Sun Island, Maldives. His email [email protected]

At least you will not have to explain many times what is amateur radio about. He has already seen it and he was very helpful throughout all our stay there.

And finally when we got back home we found what we'v almost forgotten about - snow...

Look at this UA9CDV 4el quad... what a contrast.. eh?

4el quad

73 es CU in the pile up.

Igor, UA9CDC (N3TOD, op at 9M6AAT, 8Q7DV)

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