Alex-Otto Ogorodov-Rafalsky
P.O.BOX 1626
426075 RUSSIA

telephone 7-3412-371640
fax 7-3412-582527

Born:1970 August,11

Operated at : UK4WAB(1979)UK4WAF(1980-1984)RK4WAF(1983)

I got my UA4WAE call since 1992.
I made about 10 000 QSO's between 1992-1996.As for today I'm operating very seldom because of my heavy workschedule.

I prefer low-frequencies DX-hunting.My favourite band is 160 meters.I worked 103 DXCC countries and 31 zones on 160 using FM100a transceiver made by UA4WA and homebrew linear based on GU-46 tube with about 500 watts input power.Antenna used for the top band is 2 INVERTED V at 24 meters.

I completed 6 BAND DXCC in 1995 but I still need some more countries to be confirmed.

If anyone still need my QSL please send me E-mail request