Hello ! Welcome to my home page.

My name is Boris Furman and I am living in Kazan, Russia.

1974-nowdays HF call sign UA4PBX.

I was licensed as KB7LEGduring my visit to the USA in 1990.

Used callsigns:

DL/UA4PBX (1991, 1993) over 1.000 QSOs.

R/KB7LEG (1992) over 2.000 QSOs.

Some special ones like US4P, (1989), J41 (from Greece in 1993).

My station is: TRCVR TEMPO 2020 (abt 100 W)

G.P.( 3 bands-10,15,20) Dipole for 40 m.

Home brew PA about 700 W PEP. ICOM-22 for 2 m FM.

Morse machine from Michael Dinkelman WA7UVJ ( N7WA since 1997).

Write me :box 330,Kazan, 420126, RUSSIA or [email protected]

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