Hi, I am Oleg Neruchev
         my call sign is UA3HKand I am in the air from 1964.

          I am fifty years old and it is my only first experience in WWW.
I am pleased to meet you on my web page.

photo by ua3hk

         During my Ham Radio activity I spent a lot of time
         in  the expeditions to the different corners of the World
         - Arctic isl. (Svalbard), Antarctica, South America, Africa e.t.c.
       Now I have got guest licence in the South Africa,
       which is valid till December 31, 2000 and my call sign is ZS1/UA3HK.
      I should like to show you some pictures from my album
       from the different continents and countries which I visited.
           If you have just any questions, I am ready to response!

          How to call me?

            [email protected]

            73 & DX! BEST of LUCK!