Russian Cup "Memorial of Ernst Krenkel" ("RAEM") HF Open Contest

- is very interesting competition. Its exchange includes geographical coordinates.

To learn more of history and contest rules, please visit Krenkel Radio Club Page.

Points per QSO depends of station location and distance to your correspondents, so, it's

not easy to count final score. I do not know no one well known contest logging software

which supports this contest directly. My favorite CW contest tool is Super Duper by EI5DI

and for use it in RAEM Contest I have special postcontest utility to count my final score.

You can download archived file including sample log. To configure SD for RAEM I use

    Contest Name   : RAEM (RAEM1...8 for each tour)
    Contest Type     : 12=EU Sprint (Serial + Name, no RST)
    Mode                   : CW
    Points per QSO  : 1 (does not matter)
    Name                  : 46N31O (Deg Latitude, Deg Longitude)

Certainly, you would not get files for submit your log automatically, it is necessary to make

a part of job manually, but it does not take a lot of your time. All is need - make correction

in file.sum according your result. You can live file.log without changes. Uncomfortable?

You will get a great pleasure of this contest, be sure.      Enjoy ! CU.