Cocos Island TI9M - DXpedition 2002
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Bob - N4CD, licensed since 1963 as WN2KQL in NJ. I´ve been active on VHF, having won VA section a few times,  and participated in W2SZ/1 VHF/UHF contests from Mt. Greylock.  Awards:  5BWAS, DXCC, 6m WAS, USCA - worked all counties 4 times now and all CW.  Transmitted from over 3000 US counties.  County Hunter of the Year, many times County Hunter Mobile of the Year, SSB/CW.  Often heard on the CW county hunter net. Recently been off on mini-DXpeditions to TI2/N4CD(2001) - 9000Q, 3W2DC(2001)- 5000Q.  , and previously as VP5/N4CD, VP2E/N4CD, and FM/N4CD. Retired from telecom career to have fun, travel and ham radio and get to some exotic ham radio locations. Main interests: 30meters and up, CW/SSB.

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Dimitri - RA9CO, was born in 1972 in Russia. He has been licensed since 1986 (novice category - CW only on 160 meters). Upgraded to Extra class in 1989. Relocated to Moscow in 1989 and has been operating Moscow club stations. He is currently in proces of installing a competitive station at his new home. Dimitri is into contesting. His best results was achieved as a part of H20A in IARU HF World Championsip in 1999 - 1st place World Multi/Single.

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Alan - AD6E, first licensed in 1962 as WN6BID, was sent to radio school during military. After listening to CW 8 hrs/day 5 days/week I got up to 24 WPM and upgraded to Extra. My first duty station was NCS Philippines (NPO) where I worked as a RTTY and CW op for three years. Than I "retired" from the Navy and tried a new carear started in Electrical Engineering. The present station is an FT920, TL922. Antennas are a 40CD2 and C31XR. I got bored chasing DX and started contesting, what I find very challanging. The Northern California Contest Club has given me years of help and commradare. I took over the administration of the California QSO Party. I am a scuba diver as well...

Bill - WS4Y, US Navy Radioman in the early 60's.  First amateur license in 1967.   Upgraded to Extra Class in 1970.  DXCC CW, WAS 160 CW, WAC 160 CW. Also enjoy sailing, scuba/snorkeling, music and
motorcycles. Now retired from career in radio broadcasting. My first DXpedition and can hardly wait.....
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Licensed since 1967, active in all modes, winner of many contests in my younger days. Recent DX-Pedition, V31GE, TI2/AK0A (over 5000 qso's on RTTY). Member of the Kansas City DX Club.

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Simon - IZ7ATN - CT3/IZ7ATN AF-014 Madeira Is. 1997 --- IL7/IZ7ATN IIA FG-011 La Chianca Is. --- 1997, IB0/IZ7ATN IOTA EU-045 IIA LT-001 Ponza Is. 1997 --- IBO/IZ7ATN IOTA EU-045 IIA LT-012 Zannone Is. 1997 --- IJ7/IZ7ATN IIA LE-014 Gabbiani Is. 1997 --- IL7/IZ7ATN IIA BA-004 La Cassa Is. (new IIA reference) 1998 --- IL7/IZ7ATN IIA FG-009 Portonuovo Is. 1998 --- IL7/IZ7ATN IIA FG-013 Paradiso Is. (new IIA reference)1998 --- SV8/IZ7ATN IOTA EU-052 Andipaxos Is. RSGB IOTA contest 1998 --- SV8/IZ7ATN IOTA EU-052 Lefkada Is. --- E44/IZ7ATN Gaza - Palestine 1999 --- SV8/IZ7ATN IOTA EU-067 Santorini Is. 1999 --- SV8/IZ7ATN IOTA EU-174

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Richard - N6KT, Licensed in 1971, Rich soon became interested in Contesting and has been Contest-expeditioning since 1977.
Rich has operated Contests from 12 different DXCC countries and has made 14 Single-Operator World-High scores in the major DX Contests. He enjoys station design and antenna construction as well as operating. Rich has a BSEE from San Jose State University and worked as an engineer in the Silicon Valley before moving to Fresno to start his own business.

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Alexei - RN3BZ, I'am 35 years old and started in Ham Radio as a member club station UK5VBW and UK5VAA ( Ukraine) in 1980. My first call - SWL UB5066181. The Extra Class call I have from 1996 - ES1CH and from 2001 - RN3BZ . In the 1996 - 2000 I made a few local trips to the Baltic Sea islands as ES1CH/0.
My CW is not so bad after 2 years in the Red Army. My profession is meteorologist and I have 1 year experience on the Dikson Isl. (Arctic Ocean). Now I am working in Moscow, Russia and run a new super station about 20 miles from the city.

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Matt - KA0KKO, has been licensed since the age of 9 as KA0KKO and achieved his extra class by the age of 10. He recently returned from a 6 year stay in Stuttgart Germany where he was licensed as DA1MH.   Matt participated in two DX'peditions to S92 (Sao Tome & Principe).  It was the first time this country was ever active on 50MHz. The 1999 & 2000 trips were an astounding success.  Today, Matt is presently active from St. Louis where he mainly operates on the 6 meter band.  He majored in Electrical Engineering at North Dakota State University and is presently working as a Telecommunications Manager.

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Flo - F5CWU, I'm a ham since 1993 (13 years old). I enjoy contesting (TM7Z, F5KBA,TM0T) 3rd place IOTA contest 99 & 00 (Mono op 100w), ARRL 10m 98 (1st F in multi-op TM0T), CQ WPX 98 (1st F 28 Mhz) I also like the expeditions and specials call activations: F5CWU/P (eu-032) - TY68F/ TY0CDX /TY22DX - TM8CDX - Also interested in antennas, especially home-made, I'm with my friends building our contest QTH antenna systems. Most of my own antennas are home brew and seem to work very well !! At home I'm hunting DXCC on 6/10/12/15m SSB and CW. Favorite mode is SSB.

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Alan - KI7WO, I have been Licensed Ham Radio since 1993.  I am Commercial/ Industrial Electrician. Prior Experience: U.S. Army MARS member - AAR9SO and Emergency Medical Technician.   AZ & UT. Prior member of Central Arizona DX Association. Current member of Kansas City DX Club, Northern California DX Foundation, Ten-Ten International
Have participated in many Multi-Op activities. DXCC on 3 Bands & confirmed 170 Countries so far. I find the only thing more fun that chasing DX is being DX. Have been part of V31GC (2000) from the qth of V31RS and part of TI2/AK0A & TI2/KI7WO (2001) from the qth of TI2HMG with more than 10000 total QSOs in 11 days. Volunteer Examiner with ARRL VEC and W5YI VEC programs.  Enjoy greatly helping new Hams into their first license and upgrades.

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Rob - PA5ET, licensed since 1988 on HF as PA3ERC and now PA5ET. Since I'm licensed I have been very active at the famous Dutch contest station PI4COM. Since 1994 I devoted all my holidays to DX-peditions that started in 1994 to HB0 as a try-out. Since than I have been in VP5, FG, J7, FM, J6, 9Y4, 6Y, ZF9, PJ7, FS, V4, VP2E, 8Q, V2, VP2M, 8P, J3 and J8 most of the time self-supporting. My favourite mode has always been CW on reasonable high speed but I also like to work SSB and RTTY. The pile-ups can't be big enough, I love them. As profession I work as an ICT Specialist for a big West European transport company. I have always dreamed about joining a bigger DX-pedition but didn't like the fact that I would only see crabs or snow, ice and penguins. So going to Cocos Island is exactly what I want, nice rare DX spot, beautiful nature.

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Ronald - PA3EWP, operator since 1982. It doesn’t matter what mode I operate, but SSB is still my preferred mode. I am working as a network specialist for a company in the southern part of the Netherlands. I have more than 10 years contest experience from the biggest contest station in Holland: PI4COM, PA6WPX and PA6HQ. The last 7 years I have been on a few DX-peditions like: HB0, VP5, FG, J7, FM, J6, 9Y4, 6Y, ZF9, PJ7, FS, V4, VP2E, 8Q, V2, VP2M, 8P, J3 and J8. When I can find some spare time I’m active from my home QTH on one of the bands between 6 and 160 meter in the 3 main modes. I am looking forward to join this international team to activate one of the most wanted DXCC-country.

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Martino - IK3RIY,
Bands: 40 meters, 30 meters, 20 meters, 17 meters, 15 meters, 12 meters, 10 meters, 2 meters, HF, VHF, UHF
Activities: Backpacking operations, Field day, QRP
Operating: CW, DX, DXPeditioning, FM, IOTA, Packet, PACTOR, QSLing, SSB, SSTV
Equipment: Transceivers
Antennas/Propagation: Beam antennas, Multi-band antennas, Rotators, SWR measurement, Wattmeters, Wire antennas, Yagi antennas
Organizations You Are Interested In: ARRL, IARU, SAREX
Awards / Certificates you are Interested in: DXCC
Awards / Certificates you Currently Hold: DXCC
Publications: QST


Larry - N7DF, CDR Larry Strain (USPHS-Retired) began his amateur radio career in 1962 while a student at the Rolla School of Mines with the call of WA0EMS; upgraded to Extra Class. While in Utah his call was changed to N7DF which he still uses today. He has always been active in contests and, taking advantage of the travel opportunities offered through his employment, managed several DX operations from such places as Tchad, Guam, Truk, Bahamas, Bolivia and Nauru. While in Guam, Larry was able to set up a fairly serious contest station and set several single band records for Guam and Oceania. Retired, he now has a small acreage in the mountains of south central New Mexico and is raising towers and antennas. This will be his first participation in a large scale Dxpedition but his expertise in low band CW and running pileups should contribute significantly to the operation.

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