Ten Tec Tuners

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205 Tuner (used with the 509), $9.95 when new
227 300 watt Tuner for Argosy I, Delta 580 and others $79 when new
228 200 watt tuner with SWR meter
229 2KWAntenna Tuner (Matches Corsair/Omni A)
238 2KW Tuner/SWR Bridge 1.8-30Mhz. (Matches Paragon/Omni V/VI), meter for forward and reflected, 4 SO-239 connectors selected by front panel, one position can be used for ladder line, Bypass mode, modified "L" network $395
247 Tuner (100w)
253 Tuner, Automatic 2KW
254 Antenna Tuner (200 watt, meters)
291 Antenna Tuner (200w). "T" network, rated 200 watts, no meter, SO-239 in and out, long wire connection $89
3010 Mobile Matcher
AC-5 Tuner for PM3/PM3A
JT-11 Internal Antenna Tuner for Jupitor Transceiver. Made by LDG Electronics. Available as a kit for $209