Ten Tec Transceivers

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505 Argonaut, 80-10m, 5w CW output, Solid state, 9mz crystal filter, sidetone, AF and RF gain controls, AC or Lantern battery, SIZE (4.5 x 13 x 7) $288 when new (1971)
509 Argonaut, 80-10m, 5w QRP Tranceiver, $329 when new
510 Triton I, 80-10m (No WARC), 100w Solid State CW and SSB Tranceiver, Plug in circuit boards, Illuminated dial, SWR/S meter, $519 when new
515 Argonaut 515 QRP Rig, 80-10m, CW, $429 when new
516 QRP Transceiver, 20 watts
520 Triton II, 80-10m (No WARC), 200w Solid State CW and SSB Tranceiver, plug in circuit boards, illuminated dial, SWR/S meter, $606 when New (200w version of the Triton I)
525 Argosy, 100 watt Analog Tranceiver, CW, SSB, 10w low power position, Optional CW filters, $549 when new
525D Argosy II Digital, 5 or 50 watt, CW, SSB, 80-10m (No WARC), 3 optional filters, Notch Filter, Audio CW filter
526 NEW, UNRELEASED, 6/2meter DSP All-Mode Base, 20 watts, approx 100 memories, 30 selectable filters [The above is PRELIMINARY data from TenTec dated 2/12/99]
535 Argonaut II
536 Delta II
540 Triton IV
544 Triton IV Digital
545 Omni A
545B Omni A Series B, 100 watt Analog CW and SSB Tranceiver, Notch Filter, 3 Filters plus 3 CW audio filter positions, $949 when new
546 Omni D, 100 watt CW and SSB Tranceiver
546B Omni D Series B, 100 watt CW and SSB Tranceiver, Notch Filter, 3 filters plus 3 position CW audio filter, $1119 when new
546C Omni D Series C, 100 watt Digital Tranceiver, 160-10m (WARC Capable), CW, SSB, positons plus 3 active audio CW filter, $1289 when new
550 Pegasus DSP Tranceiver, 160-10m, 100 watts, CW, SSB, FM, AM (receive only). Computer Front Panel, Software Driven
555 Scout, 160-10m with single band modules (includes one band module), 50 watts, Jones filter, requires 12v at 10amps, $549
556 ARGO (QRP version of the Scout), 5 watts, 160-10m with band modules
560 Corsair I
561 Corsair II, 100 watt Digital Tranceiver, 160-10m + 10mz
562 Omni V, 100 watt, 160-10m, CW, SSB, FSK, Optional FM, 25 memories, Total of 6 filters, Clock
563 Omni VI, 100 watt Digital tranceiver, CS. SSB, FM, FSK, 100 memories, Noise Blanker, Speech Processor, Clock, $2385 when new
564 Omni VI+, 100 watt, 160-10m, including WARC, DSP Noise Reduction, can use 3 6.3mz IF filters as well as 2 9mz IF filters, USB, LSB, CW, FSK or AFSK, FM, $2585
570 Century 21 Analog CW Tranceiver, 70 watts, Built-in AC Supply, $299 when new
574 Century 21 Digital CW Tranceiver, 80-10m (No WARC), 70 watts, Solid State, Built-in AC Supply, Double-Direct Conversion Receiver $399 when new
579 Century 22, 50 watt Analog CW rig, 80-10m, No WARC
580 Delta, 200 watt, 160-10m (including WARC), Digital, CW and SSB, QSK, VOX, PTT, ALC $849 when new
585 Paragon, Digital, 100 watt, 160-10m, SSB, CW, Optional FM, 5 filter positions, 62 memories, Speech Processor, Noise Blanker, Dual VFOs, Clock, Optional RS-232 and Voice Board
586 Paragon II, Digital, 100 watt, 160-10m, 5 filter positions, SSB, CW, FM, FSK, RS-232, Speech Processor, Noise Blanker, Meemories, Dual VFOs, clock, $2125 when new.
PM1 Powermite 1, QRP CW rig (2w), 80 and 40 meters, Synchronous direct conversion receiver (receives CW, SSB and AM), solid state, 12v DC Size (4.5 x 10.5 x 6.5) (no Case) $49.95 when new (1969-70)
PM2 Powermite 2, Same as PM1 with baked enamel, walnut grained end panel case, $54.95 when new (1970)
PM2A Powermite 2, Same as PM2 with sidetone, $59.95 when new (1970)
PM2B Powermite 2B, Same as PM2 with sidetone and 20m, $65.95 when new (1970)
PM3 Powermite 3, QRP CW Tranceiver, 5w on 40 and 20m (80 and 40 available as option), Synchronous direct conversion receiver with dual-gate MOSFET, slide-rule dial, 12v, $69.95 when new (1970)
PM3A Powermite 3A Same as PM3 with break in keying, $79.95 when new (1970)