Ten Tec Keyers

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603 Dual Paddle (also know as the KR1B)
604 Dual Paddle Keyer
605 Single Paddle Keyer (Also know as KR-5), $34.95 when new
606 Single Paddle Keyer (Curtis)
607 Key (Single Lever Paddle) $39
645 Dual Paddle Keyer (Matches Omni C/D) $85 when new
670 Century 21 Keyer (Single Paddle) Also use for Delta 580 and others $29 when new
679 Electronic Keyer Board for Century 22 (internal)
KR1B Dual Paddle/Keyer (also known as the 603), 6-14 VDC, Creme Color
KR20 Double Lever Keyer/Paddle
KR20A Single Lever Keyer/Paddle, 117 VAC, Aluminum case and color
KR2A Single Lever Paddle, Cream Color
KR40A Dual Paddle keyer
KR5 Single Paddle/Keyer (also know as 605) $34.95 when new
KR50 Ultramatic Paddle/Keyer